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If you want to be sure to get the latest version of Android first when each update lands, you need to have a Nexus device in your pocket. Or at least that used to be the case. Is Google about to welcome Sony’s Xperia handsets into the family, too? Read more

Samsung’s got itself a new CEO, with a new focus and drive. The company that has risen to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller, and that currently proffers what’s arguably the most advanced phone on the market in the Galaxy S3, is about to double down on its proprietary software efforts. Does that mean Sammie’s going to give Google and Android the old heave-ho a lot sooner than previously thought? Read more

The iOS 5 rumour mill is running at full speed in the run up to WWDC and the latest unverified tidbit suggests it’ll come packing over-the-air software updates. If you’ve just sat through a slow going iOS 4.3.3 update for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch , that might sound like a mixed blessing…

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We know Windows Phone 7 updates are set to be delivered directly from Microsoft but how that’ll work isn’t as simple as we first thought. Though Windows Phone 7 dev units received OTA updates that won’t happen if you grab one from a shop. Instead, for the foreseeable future, Windows Phone 7 updates will be delivered via USB through the Zune software. And it seems carriers might be able to delay updates too. Oh dear…
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At IFA yesterday Sony announced that updates bringing 3D Blu-ray playback to the PS3 would not be arriving until October. The firmware update was first announced at CES in January, and was supposed to arrive in September, but has now been pushed back to October, with no specific date set for its arrival next month.

Macbook Pro owners have been wondering when Apple’s top of the line notebooks might be in for a refresh. Rumours abound that Macbook Pro supplies are running low and Steve Jobs seems to have stoked them in an email. Do the clues add up to a new Macbook Pro?

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The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic may still be missing its initial letter but, by way of compensation, Nokia has just issued a major software update that fixes some bugs and adds a healthy dollop of new features to enhance the phone.

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G1 owners in the UK have started to see update messages pop up on their screens as T-Mobile rolls out the RC9 Android OS update. This is the UK version of the RC33 update we told you about a month ago.

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