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Joe Patrick, one half of Republic Publishing’s award-winning video team, vents some of the frustration he’s had with Apple’s supposedly perfect video suite, Final Cut Pro X. Are the new updates too little, too late? Read more

We recently reported that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is gearing up to receive its boost up to the lofty heights of Android 4.1 in October. That’s still very much the case, unless, of course, you live in Poland. Read more

HTC One X: Jelly Bean date confirmed

Got an HTC One X? Good on you: HTC’s flagship Android handset is a brilliantly powerful beast. Only trouble so far is that it’s now a bit behind the times as far as OS iterations goes. Good job, then, that an update to Jelly Bean is on the way. Read more

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Praise be! Facebook as seen fit to update it’s lackluster iPhone app, and it’s done so in fine style. For the first time in a long time, it doesn’t make you want to tear your eyes out. Time to get updating… Read more

Oh yeah, by the way: we can see what’s going on on bloody Mars! If, like us, you’re still having trouble getting your head around the awesomeness of NASA’s Curiosity mission, you’ll be keen to lap up anything to do with it. How’s about some Mars-themed Angry Birds levels and a few hidden bonuses? Read more

Got an Asus Transformer Pad? Pleased with it, but wish it boasted a few more super powers? Sure you do. Good news then, Asus is using its Jelly Bean knowhow to pump Android 4.1 into its latest tablet-turned computers, starting now. Read more

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If there’s thing blocking Skype‘s otherwise smooth road to success, it’s that upstarts like WhatsApp have fragmented the mobile userbase. Still, everyone knows, if you want to compete, you need to match the competition like-for-like on features. To that end, enter Skype for iOS version 4.1… Read more

Staring at your screen, waiting for that Galaxy S3 Android update? That feel – we know it. Just yesterday we brought you a video of Jelly Bean running on Samsung’s flagship, and now we have something even better: a date for the OTA rollout. Read more

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