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Our Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is in the house. We’ve just grabbed a final, shop ready version of the eagerly awaited PlayStation Phone, and while we’re itching to fire up Crash Bandicoot right now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t ask you first what you want to know for our review, coming later this week. Read on, tell us, and check out our unboxing gallery! Read more

Nokia E7 unboxed: photos! Nokia E7 unboxed: photos!

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The Nokia E7 may not be shipping until late April, but just as we said we would, we’ve landed one early to give you a full review, so you’ll know whether it’s worth handing over your precious card details for. Check it out coming out of its carton right here, and tell us what you want to know for our review next week.

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Nintendo 3DS: UK unboxing! Nintendo 3DS: UK unboxing!

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The Nintendo 3DS doesn’t go on sale until 25 March in the UK, but this week, we got a good long gawp at the final, finished European hardware, complete with the packaging you’ll see on the shelf. Check it out in our gallery right here, and see what you get in the box.

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Archos 28 Android media player unboxed: photos

The Archos 28 is the smallest touchscreen device yet we’ve seen from the French manufacturer with Android running on it – and at the low price of around £80, that sounds like a killer combo for anyone put off by the latest iPod nano‘s high price and lack of features. Is it? We’ve just got one to try out: check out the photos of it right here, and let us know what you’re keen to find out from our upcoming review.

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Nokia C5-03 unboxed: photos! Nokia C5-03 unboxed: photos!

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Nokia C5-03 unboxed: photos!

We’ve just landed one of the first Nokia C5-03 Symbian phones in the country. This touchscreen only affair aims to do smartphone for a low price, so needless to say we’re going to give it a full review and see if it compares with our current “affordable” fave, the Orange San Francisco. In the meantime, check it out coming out of its box right here in our gallery.

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Acer Liquid Metal Android phone unboxed: photos!

Last September we broke the news of the Acer Liquid Metal Android phone, and now we’ve got one in our hands for review testing at long last. Check it out coming out of its carton right here.

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Dell Inspiron Duo unboxing photos: the weirdest tablet yet

Remember the Dell Inspiron Duo netbook with a touchscreen that flipped inside the lid? We’ve just landed one, and it’s every bit as bonkers as we expected. Check out the photos of it right here.

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