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Samsung’s 9 Series ultrabook is a handsome beast. It’s always been one of the more attractive prospects for Windows fans looking for a Microsoft-powered alternative to the MacBook Air, even if previous iterations haven’t been the most powerful kids on the block. But hang on; what’s this? An Ivy Bridge-powered model on the horizon? Do tell… Read more

Microsoft is gearing up for a Windows 8 event in April that’ll showcase the finished product to manufacturing partners, signposting a launch in October – that’s according to sources close to Microsoft. Are the next generation of Ultrabooks being built right now? Read more

Apple has come down hard on one of its key manufacturing partners, after the OEM has been dealing with Asus for its line of ultrabooks. Pegatron Technology has had its hand forced, and may have to stop helping out Apple competitors. Read on for the full details. Read more

Acer has been dipping into the red over the past year. Its sales have slumped and profitability on what it is making is careening into the floor. The answer? Stop making netbooks. Read more

Today’s news that Lenovo is working towards a cheaper ultrabook is by and large good news. Intel’s new laptop standard, meant as a riposte to the MacBook Air and an attempt to claw back falling market share as tablets surge ahead, has had a difficult first few months on shelves. Reports emerged last week that Acer and Asus were slashing orders after global sales failed to match expectations.

Asus has since told us that its ZenBook ultrabook is in “high demand”, with an unnamed UK retailer asking for more units ahead of Christmas. It also says it’s “performing very well” on these shores. But without hard figures, it’s difficult for us to judge. Anecdotally, it seems, the ultrabook category is already doomed to failure. Here’s why.

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