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Kickstarter, the crowd-funding website, has launched in the UK today, allowing UK-based entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and the like to upload products and source money in Her Majesty’s pounds sterling. Sounds good, but, well… Since it was already possible for us in the UK to post projects, will it actually help? Read more

On Orange or T-Mobile? Are you sure? Technically, you’re on Everything Everywhere, which is now EE. Only, you’re still on Orange or T-Mobile really Unless you get 4G when it’s switched on tomorrow (Oct 30th). Confused? That’s understandable…  Read more

Want to see how to put so much spin on a court-ordered apology that it might actually affect global tides? Read on for a bamboozling display of word trickery from Apple… Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his cohorts have taken to the stage tonight to officially announce the iPad mini. As expected, the tab is a diminutive version of its bigger brother, with a few new tricks up its sleeves to boot. Read on for the full details.

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4G in the UK is finally a real, actual thing that you can boast about having when down the pub. And like everything else down the pub, it comes at a price. In other words; EE has just unveiled the UK pricing for its 4G tariffs. So what’s the damage? Read more

iPad mini: No release for UK?

Tonight, Apple is holding a live event to launch the oft-rumoured iPad mini (or iPad Air, or iPad diddly, or whatever). But the latest clues suggest it won’t get a UK launch this side of Christmas. Worried? You should be.

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YouTube is a place for short videos of cats and people hurting themselves in hilarious ways. Which is fine, but it none of that is a compelling enough reason to direct your Smart TV or media streaming box there. Which is exactly why Google’s trying to transform how people see the video hosting behemoth with the help of delicious, exclusive programmes.

Ok, but… honestly… why should you care? Well, because Google’s now pumping more money into YouTube content than UK commuters currently is into flu and cold remedies. Read more

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We could see a new UK-based internet domain coming soon, ending in .uk. It should have tightened security, but will be more expensive for companies and individuals looking to protect their names.

So, will you be shelling out on yourname.uk?

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