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You might not have heard of Boid, but if you’ve got an Android phone you’ll want to check it out: it’s the best Android Twitter client we’ve tested, and it’s just graduated from alpha status to beta, with lots more features to come – and a grand plan to give Facebook for mobile the same makeover.

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You know those apps that let you read news within Facebook, and then automatically post what you’ve read? They’re really annoying, right? Turns out that’s a popular opinion: the craze is seeing user figures in complete free-fall. Should Facebook leave news to Twitter, where it’s done best? Read more

Micro-blogging giant Twitter turns six today. Happy birthday Twitter! But while we’re fans of the social network for the simple fact that it’s connected the world and brought news to our attention like never before, it still has some severe downsides for a service boasting 200 million members. These are the six ways that Twitter’s still complete and utter bobbins. Read more

Celebrities, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Last week we launched a campaign to end internet hate and just days later, you’re at it again! Claudia Winkleman, we’re looking at you. Read more

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On the 15th of April 2012, it’ll be exactly one hundred years since the Titanic sunk at the frozen hands of a giant iceberg. To mark the solemn occasion, The History Press has launched a Twitter feed to deliver real time tweets leading up to and during the event. We wonder how this’ll end? Read more

So you and your friends have all unwittingly entered into a ‘rounds’ situation at the pub, and now it’s your turn to go and get a laundry list of drinks. If only there were a way of doing it without having to remember and carry things. Fret not: thanks to the wonders of the internets, there actually is. Read more

You know what it’s like: you’re trapped in a war zone and really need to update Twitter to tell the world what you had for lunch. Luckily, the micro-blogging site has just signed up with two satellite networks to allow tweeting from the most desolate areas on the planet. Read more

Eldar Murtazin, a well-connected man about tech, has tweeted to say that he has a Samsung Galaxy S III in his possession. Alongside the specs, we now have a rough idea of the launch date in the UK… Read more

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