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A few weeks ago, we reported that YouTube’s spending big on trying to invade your living room. New content and exclusives from existing TV channels are on their way, so isn’t it time the world’s biggest video hosting site spruced itself up for the big screen? Google thinks so, if this sneak-peak of a new redesign is anything to go on… Read more

What did you get up to on your Sunday? Make a nice roast? Sat about in your pyjamas? Maybe, if you were feeling unusually adventurous, you might have gone for a walk to the shops before they closed at 4pm. Chances are you didn’t jump out of a balloon floating 24 miles in the air.

But you may well have watched it. Read more

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There’s a lot of money to be had in the ‘second screen’ phenomenon. But, whilst many companies are keen to turn your interest into purchases, it’s good to know that there’s also a movement to try and inject some fun into watching the box. Zeebox and Chyron’s new partnership aims to do just that. Read more

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The Sky+ app has always been a real godsend for anyone who’s forgotten to schedule that unmissable episode to record, but it’s just had an update that – for iPad owners at least – will see it evolve into something properly amazing… Read more

Fair bit of sport on TV at the moment, isn’t there? Whether you’re enthralled by it or not, between that and the unpredictable British summer there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home viewing situation. Luckily, we’re offering you the chance to do just that.

Fancy winning a 32-inch Samsung Smart LED TV? Read on to find out how… Read more

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Samsung and Rovio are bringing the Angry Birds franchise to the former’s smart TVs. And this comes just a day after news broke a version for consoles is incoming as well.

So with all the money they’re making, exactly what have these birds got to be angry about?

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This weather’s a bit off, isn’t it? One minute it’s about a billion degrees, and then along comes a month’s worth of rain inside of half an hour. And it’s just that on repeat. Our advice? You’re best off indoors. If only you had a massive telly to keep you occupied… Read more

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The two Japanese tech giants are pooling their resources to bring down the price of OLED sets. And considering what we’ve seen of OLED so far, it’s about time. Can OLED finally find a home in our living rooms?

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