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iPhone photography masterclass

The iPhone 3GS can be a brilliant at grabbing great photos on the go, but with a little extra effort and know-how you can perk up your pictures to create truly stunning mobile snaps. Read on, take our iPhone photography masterclass, and get clued up to squeeze the very most out of Apple’s mobile.

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Once you’re blogging pictures and text with your iPhone, the next step is to add streaming video, audio and location-based features into the mix.

If you’ve already nailed the basics with our guide to iPhone blogging, try this guide to becoming a next-gen genius. In next to no time you’ll be showing your audience events live, as they happen, chopping up video like a mobile-toting Stephen Spielberg, and beaming audio interviews direct to the web, for hordes of baying listeners to gorge on. With an iPhone in your pocket, it’s all dead easy too. Read on, and we’ll show you how.

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When blogs first rose to popularity it took days hunched in front of a computer to set them up, get to grips with their software, and even longer to wrap your head around their confusing jargon. No longer. Using your iPhone 3GS and a selection of free apps, you can easily create a great blog with nothing but your iPhone. Read on for our easy how-to guide.

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The iPhone 3GS, combined with Vodafone’s selection of data tariffs, is a great combination for mobile bloggers but there are some accessories that can give you an extra edge too. Want to blog on the go like a pro? Then you’ll need the best iPhone blogging accessories.

There’re add-ons to give the iPhone 3GS a lengthier lifetime between charges, help you take photos and video hands-free, or simply protect your precious mobile while you’re out on the road. Read on, and we’ll fill your blogger’s backpack with all the finest kit available.

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Liveblogging with the iPhone

Liveblogging is a great way to report on events in real-time, and let your readers get involved immediately. Instant updates from iPhone mobile phones let you send second-by-second updates on events. They could be sports games, or even the finale of a TV show you love. You could even use liveblogging to bring a family event to life for friends and family abroad who can’t be there in person.

With Vodafone’s generous iPhone 3GS tariffs, it’s easy to get liveblogging. Here’s our step-by-step guide to turning your iPhone into a portable newsroom.

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