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What’s the next big trend in online media? Money. That’s the word from the man behind a website that garners 20 billion monthly page views. Now that the world and his wife has easy access to cameras, music-making tools and online distribution, isn’t it time we started turning it into cash? Read more

Tumblr, the photo blog that houses some of the most obscure and bizarre collections of pixels on the web, this week posted a record-breaking monthly page view figure. And by record-breaking, we mean 20 billion. Which is a lot. Thing is, we have a secret theory about how this has happened… Read more

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The internet’s an odd place full of scary things defiant of all known logic. Tumblr, the photo and video blog hosting site, is stranger still if you look at how little of its output can actually be classified as morally or mentally sound. i.e. Here are the Tumblr blogs that you need to submit your brain to, in order to say you’ve lived – including a brilliant one of FIFA’s headline-storming Sepp Blatter.

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The best iPhone apps library is stuffed with Twitter apps but one new entrant is streaking ahead. We’ve recommended Smartr before but it’s had such a lot of new features added to it that it deserves another look.

The Smartr app earns its place as one of our best iPhone apps with clever features like removing Foursquare check-ins from your timeline, formating articles from links to make them more readable and full support for Instapaper and ReadItLater as well as the ability to share and publish articles via Posterous, Tumblr and Facebook. Click through to see Smartr in action…

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We love iPhone apps but the iTunes App Store reviews? Not so much. So thank the Jobs for the new Tumblr site I Give You No Stars. The site reviews iTunes App Store reviews revealing their frequent dumb-headedness. Our favourite so far? The deconstruction of this Doodle Jump review: “Four stars – It’s a good game but I think they should add one of these: 1. Dinosaur Theme 2. Robot Theme 3. Pacasso [sic] Theme.”

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Tumblr is now back up and running after an enormous outage that sent the site down for around 24 hours on Sunday. There’s no news on what caused the outage yet, but Tumblr tweeted: “This has been a slow painful recovery, but we’re almost through. We’ll have more info to share as soon as we can post to our blog again.”

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Got loads of Facebook friends? Want to boast about that on your real walls instead of just your Facebook wall? Head to Printing Facebook. The project by artist Benjamin Lotan uses Facebook Connect to create a poster mosaic of all your friends profile pictures. Narcissistic? Probably. Cool? Certainly…

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Facebook has nabbed a new domain – Facebook.me – prompting rumours that it could be planning a brand new product rather than just the simple redirect that currently sends visitors to its main site. Could Facebook.me bring more customisable profiles to the social network or even be its long-rumoured answer to Gmail?

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