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world's largest ice touchscreenThe Finnish minds at Nokia have managed to redefine the power of ice with the help of some heat guns, infrared light, a computer and two projectors. Say hello to the world’s largest touchscreen made from ice.

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There’s a new PSP incoming! ‘Credible sources’ are being reported, stating the next generation of Sony’s PSP handheld console will pack a touchscreen, as well as other goodies. Despite Sony’s denials, it seems that the evidence is building up. Read it all after the jump!

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buy, buy, buy!There’s one market that isn’t crashing this week: touchscreens. The credit crunch isn’t even denting sales. In fact, experts predict sales will double within five years, fuelled by the latest mobiles and other gadgets.

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Security robot on patrol

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Security botReborg-Q has been patrolling the shopping centres of Japan for a couple of months now, able to monitor the presence of unauthorised access and report this as well as water leaks or fires back to its human masters at a fraction of the cost involved in employing human security staff.

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