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Remember MeeGo? No? Well you’re not alone. It was Nokia’s attempt to keep up with iOS and Android, developed in conjunction with Intel, before Nokia jumped in bed with Microsoft and Windows Phone.

Well now it looks like a Finnish startup made up of ex-Nokia employees will be giving it the Frankenstein’s monster treatment, attaching electrodes to its temples and juicing it back to life.

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Samsung’s got itself a new CEO, with a new focus and drive. The company that has risen to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller, and that currently proffers what’s arguably the most advanced phone on the market in the Galaxy S3, is about to double down on its proprietary software efforts. Does that mean Sammie’s going to give Google and Android the old heave-ho a lot sooner than previously thought? Read more

Tizen is the talk of the mobile town at the minute. Android’s still charging on unfazed, but the arrival of a newcomer to any scene will always cause a stir – and that’s exactly what the new open source OS from Samsung, Intel and others is doing. Today it seems to have gained a powerful new follower: is HTC prepping a Tizen phone to call is own? Read more

Last week we took a look into the hitherto mysterious world of Tizen, Samsung and Intel’s ace-in-the-hole operating system that looks set to replace Bada as the Android backup du jour. Now a video’s escaped of it running on a Galaxy S2. Is this the kind of smartphone experience Samsung’s working towards? Read more

You may not have heard of Tizen, but it’s risen from the ashes of MeeGo - the now discontinued open source mobile OS touted by Nokia and Intel – and is about to be big news. Samsung is rolling its Bada platform into it, and just unveiled a prototype device at the first Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Seeing as Sammy ships more mobiles than anyone else in the world, expect Tizen to be big. So what is it? And why is Samsung interested? Read on to find out. Read more

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Though it’ll never see the light of day in the UK, the Nokia N9 began shipping yesterday in a few select countries. It was Nokia’s first smartphone running on MeeGo, an open source OS that merged Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin platforms. We now know for sure that it will also be Nokia’s last MeeGo smartphone too: just a few hours later, the Linux Foundation killed MeeGo.

That’s right: MeeGo is dead. All hail Tizen!

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