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If you’re in charge of a brand’s Facebook page, you probably spend a fair bit of your time worrying about how to get people to actually look at the ream of photos you’re uploading. Worry no more: we’ve found the most effective answer, and it’s about 150 years old. Welcome to the Facebook flip book… Read more

Bet you’re clamoring to join a new social network, right? No? Oh, well, what if there was one that combined all the best bits from the ones you already are on and wove them together? And what if you could make money from it, too? Read more

You fool. You noticed the change from a Facebook fan page to a full on Facebook Timeline, but you’ve done nothing to capitalise on the secret abilities that’ve unfurled into your lap. For shame.

Still, we can turn all that around for you, like a kind of social media version of Arnie’s character in 1996’s smash hit action nonsense Eraser. Oh, and it won’t take long. Give yourself ten minutes to read this, and about half an hour to employ our tips, and your brand’s page will be a king among Timeline paupers. Or your money back. Read more

Got a bundle of joy on the way? You’d best prepare for sleepless nights and a good 18-odd years without any disposable income. We jest; many congratulations! Now, if only there were a decent way to tell the world about it… Fret not: Facebook’s got your back. Read more

You know those apps that let you read news within Facebook, and then automatically post what you’ve read? They’re really annoying, right? Turns out that’s a popular opinion: the craze is seeing user figures in complete free-fall. Should Facebook leave news to Twitter, where it’s done best? Read more

How much information do you share with Facebook? Actually, forget that: why do you share it? Is it because people genuinely need to know this stuff, or is it because you like the attention? That’s a question we’re pondering about a new addition to your Facebook Timeline. Could your social networking actually save lives? Read more

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Design aficianados and stat addicts, it’s time to get excited: the annual Feltron Report is out. It’s another gorgeously designed guide to the minutiae of one New Yorker’s life, and it’s as spectacular as previous editions.

Why should that interest anyone who doesn’t know the author? It just so happens that that person, Nicholas Felton, is the creator of Facebook Timeline, the new look profile on the world’s biggest social network. Will your life get this treatment soon?

Read more

Today, Facebook has launched over 60 new apps that are designed to bombard your shiny new Timeline with a constant jotting of your daily activities. It wants you to catalogue literally everything you do in life, ever, and give everything a star rating or a quantifiable digit.

But… Well… Why? It strikes me that this spread of incessant, boring information is exactly the sort of disease the social network has always tried to avoid… Read more

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