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Last week, Tim Cook did something unexpected. He apologised for Apple Maps, the Cupertino company’s stab at a navigation app following its shunning of Google Maps.

An apology is pretty much unheard of from Apple, especially one followed by suggestions of which third party apps to use from rivals. So could this be the start of an altogether more likeable and approachable corporate ethos at Cupertino?

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Wow. Just wow. In an unprecedented move from Apple, Tim Cook has written an open letter apologising for the royal balls up that has been Apple Maps. You really want to read this. Read more

The iPhone 5. It’s coming, and there’s precious little you can do about it. Not that you’d probably want to of course. Unless you’re very, very anti-Apple, that is. Either way, as with any upcoming Apple launch, there are rumours, leaks and renders aplenty.

Do you wish someone would sort through them all and figure out what’s the most likely crop of features? Alright then, no worries: let’s get cracking. This is the ultimate iPhone 5 rumour roundup. Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook has kicked off the D10 conference in California with a lengthy interview on all things Apple. It’s typically guarded, very carefully spoken stuff, but has Cook just managed to reveal that the iPhone 5’s screen won’t actually be moving up a size? Read more

When Apple unveiled Siri, buried inside the iPhone 4S at the tail end of last year, it did so in a pretty unusual way. How so? Siri has a ‘beta’ tag attached to it, symbolising that it’s not quite the finished, polished product we’ve come to expect from Apple. Now a new source has come out of the woodwork declaring that the voice assistant is an “embarrassment” to Apple. Would Steve Jobs have let it be this way? Read more

Apple’s always been resolute on the topic of the iPhone’s screen: they developed the most perfect, optimum-sized display for a phone ever, and everyone else is just plain wrong. Right? Perhaps not any more, if rumours from the far east are to be believed. Will the iPhone 5 have to ramp up its display size to stave off the competition? Read more

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UPDATE: We’ve published our list of predictions: what do you think Apple is going to announce?

Apple’s recent run of successes has made it very, very rich. By some accounts, the company now has more money in the bank than most countries. Including the USA. Tomorrow, CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer will announce what they’re going to do with it.

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Something odd is happening inside Apple; various faux pas and oddities have been cropping up here and there in the months since Steve Jobs’ passing. The tides of change seem to be slowly eroding away one of the company’s founding principles: scrupulous attention to detail.

On what would have been Steve Jobs’ 57th birthday, we ask – has Apple already lost its touch?  Read more

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