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Later today will see the UK network bigwigs sit around a table and have a serious powwow with regulator Ofcom about the plans for 4G.

Likely to be subject of discussion? Everything Everywhere’s plans to launch before everyone else.

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About a year ago we brought you the full lowdown on what 4G is, how it works, and when it’ll be coming to the UK.

So what’s happened over the last 12 months? Where are our 4G handsets? And when will we actually have 4G networks up and running? We’ve spoken to the industry experts for an update, and we have to warn you, there’s a lot of squabbling going on…

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Remember where you were on this day, for today is the day that the battle to provide the cheapest mobile tariff with unlimited data truly begins. Virgin has just unveiled its secret weapon: Virgin Premiere, and it should have Three rather worried… Read more

Yes, you did read that right: Sony’s ongoing efforts to make good on its claims that most (if definitely not all) of its recent handsets will get updated to Android 4.0 have been furthered today, with news that SIM-free Sony Xperia S’ are ready to make the jump. But when do the network updates roll out? Read more

Three is hoping to put an end to the dreaded post-holiday phone bill, where you discover that using Instagram to document your hold for hipsters and/or posterity might cost more than the hotel. Euro Internet Pass offers “unlimited” internet for a flat £5 per day – there are a few caveats, however.

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Sony’s list of Xperia handsets is starting to expand ever more rapidly. Today the Sony Xperia U has landed on the shelves at Three. It’s a tidy looking phone that’ll no doubt be a great entry point into Android for many, but is the price a little too high to win it the mass appeal that it deserves?

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Just the other week we reported that HTC is looking to get back into the Facebook phone game. It might be a good idea to hurry up, if so, as RIM looks set to hoover up da yoof market with a new socially-connected phone of its own. This is the BlackBerry Curve 9320; is it cheap and cheerful enough to turn things around for RIM? Read more

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Everybody’s doing it. Tesco has a mobile network, IKEA has a mobile network, and now a grime collective from London has its own mobile network, Boy Better Know Mobile. Wait, what?

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