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Apple spends more time thinking about what you’re thinking about that any other company. It’s marketing, brand image and communications are second to none, and have inspired the rest of the industry to emulate its style (in more ways than one). Question is, though: has Apple inspired you?

We want you to design an event invite with as much intelligent reserve as Apple. Up for the challenge? Read more

People will always be attracted to the most innovative companies – firms that seem to be at the cutting edge, pushing boundaries and forging a new path in their respective field. In mid-20th century these companies would have been found in design and manufacturing, but now cyberspace is very much the dominant force. But how do you get your get your foot in the door at the HQs of some of tech’s biggest names? Read more

Another week, another iPhone 5 rumour. While recent whispers have concerned themselves with the launch date (August or September, apparently), today’s nugget of news is back to all things display size. Only this time it’s not the diagonal inches we’re talking about. Is the iPhone 5 set to be the thinnest slither of mobile tech this side of the original Motorola Razr? Read more

Tired of CGI? Us too. We applaud the efforts of both Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan for trying to shoot as much of this summer’s blockbusters in real life as possible, but the George Lucas technique is still favoured by the majority. Thing is, CGI needn’t be the go-to solution every time, as a pioneering new camera rig from German company The Marmalade proves. Prepare to have your mind blown. Read more

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Fancy owning a bit of tech history? How about a lot of tech history? If you’re a BBC-buff and a tech fanatic, we may well have just found your ideal day out… Read more

Yesterday, Google’s CEO Larry Page made an appearance at the Google Zeitgeist event in London with some ungainly lump of plastic clinging to the side of his head. It was of course Google Glass, the company’s oddball new project that’s trying to mix Android, AR and your eyewear into one seamless whole.

Except it can’t, and it won’t. Google Glass has the potential to be the company’s biggest folly – a classic example of trying to get ahead of the curve by veering madly away from it. Why so bad? Because it shows a real lack of insight about the tech that’s currently sticking to the wall, and what’s been bouncing out of favour. Here’s what’s wrong… Read more

Gearing up to plug your next car into the mains at night? Not so fast. While the race is on to produce the best in electric motoring, or at the very least to offer competent hybrid options, there is one manufacturer who’s thinking differently. Electricpig’s spent a couple of days in the Scottish highlands with the new Mazda CX-5, and we’ve been talking about the real future of driving. Think you know what’s coming? You might want to buckle up…

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April Fools’ is an odd one this year because it lands on a Sunday. While this may provide some great opportunities to do ‘wacky’ things to your family’s roast dinner, it means that the workplace japes will have to wait until next year. Still, wherever you find yourself, there are a few pranks you can do on the day that don’t take much time or effort for maximum LOLz. Here are a few suggestions. Read more

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