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Mobile World Congress is an event all about mobile phones and tablets, right? Then why has Ford rocked up with a couple of new cars? Partly to be the first car company ever to grace the show, and partly to launch its new B-Max with SYNC, a Siri-style voice-control tech that will make the B-Max “among the most technologically advanced small cars you can buy at any price.” Read more

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The new Ford Focus, due to hit forecourts with Ford Sync and MyFord Touch technology in 2012, will have the ability to phone for help if you crash, CEO Alan Mulally has revealed in his CeBIT keynote. Even better, it’ll use GPS and cell towers to tell emergency services where to find you, and automatically speak the language of the 999 operator in the country where you had the prang.

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Google Docs is set to a series of cool new features according to a message sitting pretty in the code. Bold as brass it declares: “Coming soon: third party applications, cloud printers and sync devices”. That seems pretty clear but that short list promises to make Google Docs even more handy…
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Techie BreakieIt’s Monday but there’s a fistful of tech news you might have missed while you were sledging/having snow ball fights/huddling together for warmth. Get set for the week with today’s nourishing Techie Breakie…

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FordFord’s updated in-car Sync system will allow its vehicles to read Twitter messages to the driver and will eventually allow you to reply using voice recognition. The feature is currently delayed due to safety fears.

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Palm is planning to do away with such 20th-century notions as desktop/mobile synching by letting the Palm Pre use the ‘cloud’ (i.e. the internet) to hold backups of contacts and data. Companion Link have other ideas.

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iPod Touch sync error causing chaos

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iPod Touch 2.1 Sync ErrorIf like us you jumped on the upgrade bandwagon after last night’s iTunes 8 and iPod Touch 2.1 software updates, you’ll be properly miffed at the result. An endless sync festival greeted us this morning with our iPod Touch stuck in a permanent syncing rotating, throwing up an unknown error.

Judging by the Apple Support Forum, we definitely weren’t the only ones. iPod Touch 2.1 users have been wasting time checking for corrupt files, changing settings and tearing hair out trying to make the new iPod Touch 2.1 software upgrade work. The solution though, it seems, is much simpler (just not very obvious). iPod Touch 2.1 users, step forward. Read more

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.Mac: soon to be MobileMe?Steve Jobs is poised to unveil the biggest overhaul of Apple’s .Mac service since it was launched in 2002. But what will Monday bring? We think we’ve got a pretty good idea, and it’s Windows flavoured.

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