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dropboxSo you’re all settled down for the big Christmas break. But lo and behold, you’re already bored to tears by re-runs of Only Fools and Horses. So before 2009′s out, make sure you give these 10 killer web services a try. We promise they’ll liven you up after that Turkey binge tomorrow.

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Techie BreakieIt’s the start of another long hard slog up the slope to Friday, but we’ve got the sustenance you need right here in the shape of all the latest tech news. Get all the biggest stories right now in your techie breakie!

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Swapgame: trade your games for cash

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SwapgameSwapgame has been posting out rental titles to eager gamers for years, but it’s just launched a brand new service to go with it, letting you sell your old titles quickly and easily to buy new ones!

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