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Apple’s iPad mini has already enjoyed a fair bit of success. Apple refused to separate opening weekend sales figures into different camps for different-sized tablets, but 3 million probably says there’s at least a few of the minis leaving the store shelves. Apple’s now marching on towards Christmas with the launch of two new ads. Big Budget blockbusters? Nope – but that makes them all the better. Read more

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re quite switched on when it comes to the tech world. As such, you’re probably already getting tired of your living room glow box shoving Windows 8 in your face twice every ad break. But remember: not everyone is like you – and a new poll in the US has just duly shown Microsoft exactly that. Erm… Windows wha? Read more

Windows 8 has launched. It’s spilling across the world as you read this, fixing to stop PCs from being dull, and at the same time giving Microsoft a serious footing in the hitherto Apple-dominated tablet market. Thankfully, the publishing world is trying to help.

Are we finally about to see a real two-horse race? Read more

Is there a Microsoft Surface Windows Phone handset incoming? The rumour has been doing the rounds a while now since the partner-bothering Surface tablet broke cover, but Microsoft has refused to deny it.

And now comes word from BRG that Microsoft plans to launch its own smartie “in the coming months”. But just because it can, doesn’t mean it should.

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Is all this Apple stuff driving you mental? If you sit firmly in the Microsoft camp, you’re probably much more excited about the end of October, when Windows 8 lands. Eyeing up a Surface tablet? You’d best get applying for Microsoft jobs. Read more

Microsoft Surface Phone inbound?

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Microsoft’s many partners were left a bit peeved when the company unveiled its Surface tablets; it must have been a kick in the teeth to have to start competing against the company you’re making devices for in the first place. But that may have been just the start. It looks as though Microsoft may be about to drop a similar bomb on the mobile market. Read more

With Microsoft’s Surface tablet (and a flood of third party Windows 8 devices) just around the corner, it’s time to accessorise. With that in mind, Microsoft has just unleashed two official peripherals to help people maximise their time on the new platform – the Wedge keyboard and mouse. Question is: are they any good? Read more

When Apple first debuted the the Smart Cover for the iPad 2, it was very proud of its seemingly simple screen protector. The bendy cover-turned-stand is certainly a neat twist on the traditional case, but could it stand to be even cleverererer? According to a recent Apple patent application, the answer’s a resounding yes. Read more

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