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“There’s so much music around; it’s now about how you tie your music together, and how you discover new music that you don’t know.” That was the pitch thrown at me yesterday by So Saida, Senior Director of Sony Entertainment Network. “We learn your music tastes,” he said, as he walked me through the new iOS version of Music Unlimited, Sony’s subscription streaming service. “The more you play, the more you tell us what you like and what you don’t like, the more it changes.”

Sounds good, I thought, but I knew deep down that Sony would never drag me out of my Spotify. Or that’s what I thought. Thing is, here I am 24 hours later, moving my whole virtual music collection across to Sony’s service. And that’s even after Saida managed to call me “lazy”… Read more

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Keen to get a new console on the cheap? A new scheme being trialled in the US by Microsoft may be your answer. But then again, it’s probably not. We’ve run the numbers to figure out why the subscription-based Xbox 360 is a terrible waste of your hard-earned cash. Read more

Steve Jobs probably wasn’t a fan of Spotify. Or at least that’s what we can glean from a previously buried interview from 2003. The talk, which has only just been published, reveals the late Apple CEO’s thoughts on subscription music services. Read more

Subscription gaming is coming to the iPad. Big Fish Games, a publishing and hosting company based in the US, has passed the rigorous Apple testing to become the first publisher to offer gaming through a monthly subscription on the App Store. Read more

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The Daily will be hitting your iPad in the UK at some point in the first half of this year – before the end of June according to Jonathan Miller, the chief digital officer at News Corporation.

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Last.fm will be adding Spotify-style subscriptions to its mobile service, meaning that you’ll need to cough up to listen via any other device apart from your computer.

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The Xbox Live Gold subscription is getting a price hike as of the beginning of November. For the UK, this means a hike of £1 on the Xbox Live subscription package per month, from £4.99, to £5.99. The UK yearly subscription price is not affected, but the US 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription will be increasing by $10. Head over to renew your subscription now though, and you can lock-in your price before it goes up in just over a month. Full details here.

we7We7 is set to launch monthly subscriptions and has an iPhone app in the works, according to founder and CEO Steve Purdham. He’s revealed that the streaming site’s ad-free subscription model will launch in February.

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