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iTunes on Android? Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reckons the Cupertino company should make it happen.

Woz was giving a question and answer session on Slashdot, in which he also criticised Apple’s litigious nature. Read on to see why he’s talking a lot of sense.

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When we put together our look at Steve Jobs’ highs and lows following his resignation as Apple CEO, we totally forgot the time he was struck on the head by an Apple logo and physically gave birth to an original Mac with Steve Wozniak acting as midwife. Thank goodness then for the crazy CGI antics of Taiwanese outfit NMA News which has again taken on the Apple co-founder.

Jobs last got the NMA treatment during the iPhone 4 antenna controversy with a clip that saw him donning a Darth Vader helmet and fighting Bill Gates with a light saber. That footage is reused in the clip after the break along with some new and even more startling scenes including Jobs beheading the Grim Reaper and battling a battalion of murderous Android mascots. It’s hardly the most fitting tribute to Steve Jobs’ career but it’s certainly the most bizarre…

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We told you the tale of Apple’s longest serving employee, Chris Espinosa, recently and Chris even dropped us a line himself to tease that he’s working on something intriguing. Now Chris himself has taken to his blog to reminisce on his 34 years at Apple (the longest continuous stint of any employee). Read on for the best quotes from Chris’s memories of his start at Apple back in 1977…

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Update: Chris Espinosa has been in touch to let us know he’s no longer on the Apple Xcode team, but teases: “I can’t tell you what I AM doing :-) ”… judging by his previous contributions to Apple, it’ll be amazing. Chris, we’re expecting big things…

Steve Jobs has been at Apple since day one, right? Wrong. While the company’s charismatic co-founder is officially Apple’s “employee number zero” (having argued with fellow founder Steve Wozniak about being branded “number two”) several extended absences, and an unfortunate firing incident in May 1985, mean he’s actually put in fewer days of employment than one other man: Meet Chris Espinosa. The most loyal employee Apple has ever had.

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The white iPhone 4 delay wasn’t about the colour of the device, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak who doesn’t work day-to-day at the firm but obviously has his sources. He says the white iPhone 4 had a faulty proximity sensor and that the iPhone 4 camera flash bulb on the device leaked too much light. Woz made his own white iPhone with a DIY kit but now says a white iPhone is due to ship soon. We suspect we’ll have to wait until iPhone 5.

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An Apple I, the great grandaddy of today’s iMac, has sold for £133,350 in an auction at Christies. The price makes the Apple I in question worth the equivalent of 310 iPads – a device that it is thousands of times slower than. One of only 200 models, the auctioned Apple I was snapped up by Italian collector Marco Boglione who plans to restore it and put in a museum of classic Apple kit. Our favourite Apple I fact? It cost $666.66 because Steve Wozniak likes repeating digits!

Out now | £133,350 | Apple/Christie’s

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Steve Wozniak is the co-founder of Apple, less high profile than CEO and the other half of Apple’s founding duo, Steve Jobs, but much loved amongst the tech community.

It’s a surprise then to see this interview with the BBC’s Click programme, in which Woz appears to throw a couple of thinly veiled insults in Jobs’ direction. Is there a spot of bitterness there?

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The iPod’s dying! So says Steve Wozniak.Steve Wozniak founded Apple with Steve Jobs, and while he doesn’t work for the company anymore, he’s still synonymous with all things fruity and Mac-flavoured. Now he says the iPod’s days are numbered, and its only a matter of time until Apple loses its MP3-playing crown.

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