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Google and Apple have a bit of a terse relationship. Throughout the years, the two companies have reluctantly worked side-by-side to bring Google search (and previously Google Maps) to the iPhone. Things are more frought than ever now, so it’s probably not a bad thing that Google has injected some Apple love into its Gmail app. Read more

X Factor for gadgets incoming?

Oh dear. Simon Cowell and Will.i.am are joining forces to launch a new talent show. But this time the hunt is on not for a singer or a dancing dog, but tech’s next entrepreneur.

According to a newspaper report, the show will be called X Factor for Tech. Is this the moment tech start-ups jumped the shark?

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Apple’s hardware is second to none, but it’s not known for its great social media skills. Remember Ping? (It was Apple’s attempt to share with everyone what you’re listening to on iTunes.)

But this lack of social aspect wasn’t necessarily down to incompetence. Steve Jobs’ biographer has said Jobs was so in awe of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, he didn’t try and compete. Coming from such a fierce businessman as Jobs, that’s quite an accolade.

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When Apple unveiled Siri, buried inside the iPhone 4S at the tail end of last year, it did so in a pretty unusual way. How so? Siri has a ‘beta’ tag attached to it, symbolising that it’s not quite the finished, polished product we’ve come to expect from Apple. Now a new source has come out of the woodwork declaring that the voice assistant is an “embarrassment” to Apple. Would Steve Jobs have let it be this way? Read more

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Months after the Apple CEO’s death, Steve Jobs is still a phenomenon. The man makes headlines almost daily, whether its in reference to how Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook’s doing, the man’s legacy, or his controversial tactics in the work place. It seems fitting, then, that Jobs has just landed on top of a list of our time’s best ever entrepreneurs. Read on for the details. Read more

Something odd is happening inside Apple; various faux pas and oddities have been cropping up here and there in the months since Steve Jobs’ passing. The tides of change seem to be slowly eroding away one of the company’s founding principles: scrupulous attention to detail.

On what would have been Steve Jobs’ 57th birthday, we ask – has Apple already lost its touch?  Read more

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Rock legend Neil Young has always been something of a maverick, and his latest comments surrounding the music industry are unlikely to win him many fans in the boardrooms of record labels. Young told the Dive Into Media conference this week that music piracy was “acceptable” and “the new radio… that’s how music gets around.”

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While little is currently known about the iPhone 5 that Apple’s likely to launch later this year, we can be safe in guessing that the camera will continue its steady rate of improvement. Now, if word from Adam Lashinky’s book Inside Apple is to be believed, the next-gen mobile cam will benefit from a little bit of magic. Read more

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