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If you had trouble getting to sleep last night, it was probably thanks to the huge disturbance in the force caused by $4.5bn changing hands. Disney now owns LucasFilm, which means that it now owns Star Wars. And there’s a new one on the way.

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Angry Birds: you may have heard of it. Rovio’s monster mobile gaming franchise is marching towards a new title in the series, and it’s arguably the biggest tie-in yet. Angry Birds Star Wars is just a few weeks away, so here’s the latest teaser… Read more

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Everyone knows George Lucas made his fortune through his ownership of Star Wars merchandising rights – in exchange for pay, an unheard of decision back in the 1970s – but did you know that there are some products that even Mr Episode I himself won’t put his name to?

Believe it or not, some suggestions actually get turned down. Today, they’ve been leaked online, and we have to say: some of them are fantastic. Better than the Star Wars Christmas special, at any rate.

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There seems to be no limit to what Star Wars creator George Lucas will let his characters appear in these days, so long as you’ve got the monies to make it happen. Case in point: this new Vodafone ad, starring none other than Yoda. Read more

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Slot car racing institution Scalextric has finally partnered with Star Wars for a new range of tracks and models so good that it beggars belief to think that’s it not been done before. Read more

EA will limit sales of Star Wars: The Old Republic: ‘when they are gone, they are gone’Prepare to have your inner Jedi blown. EA has announced plans to avoid potential server capacity issues for the upcoming launch of its MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Launch quantities of both the retail and digital versions of the game will be limited to “ensure players have a smooth and high quality game experience”.

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Grab a PC and a copy of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and you can get some new life out of the four-year-old FPS. Black Monkeys have completed their two-and-a-half year project to create a Star Wars mod for the game and it’s available to grab now for free.

You can play either as a Imperial stormtrooper or a rebel grunt with Star Wars: Galactic Warfare dropping you in familiar settings including Mos Eisley and Tatooine. If we weren’t working, we’d be playing already. You can grab the mod from the link below and get hints on how to install in this video guide.

Take a peek at Star Wars: Galactic Warfare in action after the jump…

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Most Star Wars fans agree that George Lucas really needs a few new ideas, rather than constantly tweaking the films they love in unnecessary ways. He really needs to watch this robot lightsaber duel.

We’d love to see some more evil droids battling some Jedi bots but in the meantime, Yakaskawa, maker of Motoman industrial robots, has equipped them with lightsabers and set them off fighting at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Shanghai. It’s oddly beautiful…

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