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Stop the clock – week over. Well, not quite: just before you head out the door, check out our headlines from this afternoon and see what you’ve missed in tech, whether you’ve been hard at work or patiently queuing for Apple’s new tablet.

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Square Enix RPG classic Final Fantasy 3 has hit the iPhone App Store, so you’ll be able to get your turn based combat grove on on the go. Unfortunately, it’s accompanied by an eye watering price tag of £9.49, which is almost four times the price of the iPhone versions of the first two Final Fantasy outings, which we reviewed last year.

The difference is however that this is the remade, spruced up 3D version of the game that was launched to much praise on the Nintendo DS in 2006 – even with the rosiest tinted glasses on, NES graphics did not look like that.

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It seems Square Enix is getting serious about iPhone, iPad and Android development with a brand new studio called Hippos Lab which is dedicated entirely to developing games for mobile platforms.

Hippos Lab kicked off on March 7 and has been working on a title since then with a release due soon. Square Enix has had plenty of success in the iTunes App Store with Final Fantasy titles and their real-time strategy title Sliding Heroes. There’s also lots of price cuts on Square Enix titles in the App Store right now which is good news for Final Fantasy fans.

Out now | £NA | Square Enix (via TUAW)

Dungeon Siege 3

Dungeon Siege 3 is an RPG game that sees players attempt to rebuild a once powerful Legion and attempt to stop the Kingdom of Ehb falling into evil hands. This third outing is the first time that Dungeon Siege will be heading to consoles, having previously found a home exclusively on PC.

Developer Obsidian Entertainment (You know, the folks behind Fallout New Vegas) hopes that it will deliver the RPG experience console fans want. Does it? We got a good, hard, early look: read on for our Dungeon Siege 3 hands-on first impressions.

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As usual the Final Fantasy series has a scad of new titles on the blocks but some interesting elements are popping up in teaser images for Final Fantasy 13 part 2, Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Final Fantasy Type-0. Mysterious English phrases are being added to the Japanese promo material…

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New Tomb Raider game redefines Lara CroftA Tomb Raider reboot is looming, and if Eidos head honcho Ian Livingstone is to be believed, it’s going to be special. Very special. Earlier today we sat down with the Eidos Life President who exclusively told us to “Prepare to be blown away” by Lara’s upcoming adventure.

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The Final Fantasy factory Square Enix has released the map of its booth for next week’s Jump Festa conference and teased a mystery game in the process. The Square Enix booth lists previously announced games like Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Monsters Wanted! but there’s also a game flagged ???. Could it be yet more Final Fantasy? Perhaps it will be glimpse of Final Fantasy VXIII. We’ll find out on December 18 when Jump Festa opens its doors but in the meantime click the headline and hit the comments to tell us what you want…

Out TBC | £TBC | Square Enix (via Adriasang)

Final Fantasy 13 part 2 teased

We liked Final Fantasy 13 and have been scanning the world for more news on Final Fantasy 13 part 2 ever since we finished it. So it’s intriguing to spot an interview with Final Fantasy 13 producer Yoshinori Kitase hinting that Final Fantasy 13 part 2 is on the way and that Square Enix is beavering away on it right now…

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