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When Spotify launched its app platform, there were questions as to whether it could come up with enough ideas to justify its existence. After you’ve done review, lyrics and ticket-selling apps, where do you go from there? The answer is obvious: dating. Can your playlists find you Mr or Mrs right? Read more

Waist deep into Spotify? Couldn’t fathom using another streaming service? Hold up! Rdio, the first proper, worthy rival to Spotify’s multi-platform onslaught has just landed in the UK. Ready to ditch the green and adopt the blue? Read on for the details… Read more

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UPDATE: Annnd the Spotify iPad app is live in the iTunes store now.

We’ve waited two and a half years for an official Spotify iPad app, but now it’s finally here. Starting today, it’s rolling out worldwide, complete with Retina Display support and a few extra skills missing from the iPhone version. Ahead of release, Gustav Söderström, Spotify’s Chief Product Officer, showed us what’s new.

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Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is starting to turn what was once an ugly duckling into something quite pretty, thanks largely to Google’s new Holo design language. The latest app to take this on board? Spotify. And it looks all the better for it… Read more

Apple looks set to launch the iPad 3 in the early days of next month, but a faster processor and better display resolution may well take a backseat to a revolutionary new audio format. If an insider source is to be believed, Apple is working on audio that can adapt in quality as it streams.  Read more

HTC is expected to launch a Spotify-rivaling music streaming service at Mobile World Congress, in partnership with its music partner Beats. Is it going to be a killer HTC exclusive, or is it just another service to add to many other also-rans? Read more

Facebook knows too much. The social network has just released Spotify listening figures for songs that help people ease into and crash out of relationships, based on streams around the point where relationship status’ change. Want to know the best breakup song? Read on… Read more

Pure has finally launched its Pure Music streaming service, having announced it in towards the tail end of 2011. It’s a fully-featured Spotify rival, but does it have what it takes to set it apart? Read more

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