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Eyeing up that enormous, rather pretty Samsung Galaxy Note 2? If you’ve got saintly patience, maybe you should hang on for Sony’s version? Specs for Sony’s own 5-inch monster, the Sony Odin, have just spilled online. And it sounds awfully good. Read more

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Sony has unveiled a new PS3. And it’s even slimmer than the current PS3 Slim: 20 per cent smaller and 25 per cent lighter, in fact.

But what does it tell us about the true next-gen Sony PS4 console?

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It’s been quite the weekend for OnLive. The pioneering cloud game streaming service has faced huge debts, internal turmoil and has been forced to up-end itself to accept a buyout. Worse still, now HTC’s feeling the brunt of it. Just what’s going on? Read more

Remember the Playstation Suite for Android devices? Remember how much it promised, only to deliver clunky ports of Crash Bandicoot and Ridge Racer? According to Sony, things are about to change, and its move into mobile gaming is about to get very serious indeed. Read more

Sony’s proving to be among the very best phone manufacturers when it comes to Android updates. Much of the 2011 line is in the process of making the jump to Ice Cream Sandwich, which is great, but what about Jelly Bean? And what about the ill-fated Sony Xperia Play?

You may well be in luck… Read more

A host of prototype designs have emerged from the Apple vs Samsung court trial, and they provide a fascinating insight into the iPhone and iPad design process.

One iPhone prototype bears a Sony logo, and in another this has been changed to ‘Jony’, in a nod to Jony Ive, the Apple designer. And one early version of the iPad had a kickstand, like the bikes we had as kids.

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So Android Jelly Bean looks awesome, with Google Now and the new and improved Voice Search putting some real distance between it and iOS. The Nexus 7 arrives on Thursday, but when will other manufacturers be updating their handsets to Jelly Bean?

Well we’ve been in touch; read the answers after the break.

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New pictures have leaked of what the world and his wife believes to be Sony’s upcoming slimmer PS3. One question, though: do the rumoured specs point to a super-cheap, low-storage model? Looks like the Xbox 360 should be worried… Read more

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