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Sky TV hits PS3 to take on Xbox LIVE

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Want Sky TV on your PS3? The wait is over. Sony has struck up a deal with Sky TV in the UK to bring some of its biggest shows to the Playstation Store Video Store. It’s a big deal for PS3 owners, who can now buy individual episodes in SD or HD from a fairly decent line-up. Read more

Sony threatens PS3 jailbreaker ban

Sony has said it will permanently block PS3 owners from the PlayStation Network if they’ve used a PS3 jailbreak on their console. Sony describes PlayStation Network as “a world of entertainment” in its notice and confirms that the PS3 jailbreak ban will have hacked consoles “terminated permanently”.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger writing copy for Sony now? The blog post, actually by Jeff Rubenstein, Sony’s social-media manager, states that customers can duck the ban by ceasing to use and removing “all circumvention devices and deleting all unauthorised or pirated software from their PS3.” Sony hasn’t said when or how it’ll carry out the PS3 jailbreak ban.

Out TBC | £NA | Sony

Heavy Rain has only just hit the shelves but New Line Cinema, home to the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings,  snapped up the film rights some time ago it seems. Are you ready for the Origami Killer on the big screen?

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Prison Break finished on our TV screens last year but now it’s set for a revival on your Xbox 360, PS3 or PC this Spring. Originally announced when the TV show was at the height of its popularity, a snag with publishers kept Prison Break: The Conspiracy off the shelves but now it’s coming and it looks pretty violent…

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Star Trek Online’s developers Cryptic would “love” to bring the MMO to consoles in the future, according to the game’s executive producer.

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Sling Media’s Slingbox will soon stream DVR content to your Sony PS3. It can already chuck content to your phone and laptop but Sling’s Jay Tannenbaum recently let slip that your console will be joining in…

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Heavy Rain’s “intense scenes” and explicit content have been revealed and detailed in a report from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Expect nudity, sex, drugs, violence and some spoilers ahead…
Quantic Dream’s noir drama Heavy Rain is set to hit the PS3 on February 24 and it’s explicit moments have come under the microscope in an ESRB ratings report.
The report reveals that Heavy Rain features a healthy dollop of sex with shower cut scenes revealing your character’s arse and breasts (when you’re playing a female character). There’s also a topless dancing scene where the female character is forced to strip at gunpoint and a sex scene where you’re prompted to control the characters.
Heavy Rain features four main characters affected by the Origami Killer, a serial killer who kidnaps children in public places. The ESRB reports reveals some of the games most visceral themes with talk of a dead woman in a bath, an autopsy on a dead child, a woman set on fire and a man impaled by a power drill.
The ESRB report says the “most intense instance of violence” occurs during a sequence in which a character is forced to cut off part of his own finger to save his sons life with the option to choose between several instruments (a saw, scissors, a knife). Though the camera apparently pans away from the action, the report claims the “psychological terror may be unnerving for some”.
While sex scenes in the game fade out with only glimpses of nudity, the ESRB says the camera focuses on drug use with characters taking Triptocaine, a white powder which causes them to stagger and turns the screen blurry. The good news for gamers is that the game’s graphics are reportedly “highly-evolved” and “sharpen the sense of realism”.
Out February 24 | £TBA | Heavy Rain (via ESRB)

Heavy RainHeavy Rain’s “intense scenes” and explicit content have been revealed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). Expect nudity, sex, drugs, violence and some spoilers ahead…

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Super Street Fighter IV 1

Super Street Fighter IV is due to hit Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 in Spring 2010 and Capcom has revealed some of the new stages for its globetrotting battles.

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