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Apple rarely makes big executive cuts because it’s a company that, by and large, succeeds. The flip side of continued success, though, is that any failures become all the more apparent. Just ask Scott Forstall, the man who’s currently clearing his Cupertino desk. Is this what happens when you lose your lead? Read more

If, like me, you handed over a bit too much money to Apple for an iPhone 5 in a fit of ‘ooh, new and shiny thing’ stupification, you may have noticed a little bug with the keyboard. And, like me, you may have been worrying that it means your phone will have to be replaced. Well, worry not. Read more

O2’s spent a lot of time and effort over the last few years positioning itself as more than just a mobile network. With the help of Sean Bean’s dulcet Yorkshire tones, the carrier has launched several schemes that put its users ahead of the pack in areas like high street rewards and gig tickets.

Now that love has spread to sports, with a brand new “digital clubhouse” for your phone. Ready to unleash your inner athlete? Read more

Samsung’s got itself a new CEO, with a new focus and drive. The company that has risen to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller, and that currently proffers what’s arguably the most advanced phone on the market in the Galaxy S3, is about to double down on its proprietary software efforts. Does that mean Sammie’s going to give Google and Android the old heave-ho a lot sooner than previously thought? Read more

Next week, Apple’s widely rumoured to be showing off iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad. Bundled inside is likely to be a completely new inbuilt maps app to replace Google’s, but Google’s not going to take that ousting lying down, and without getting something special ready itself.

That’s exactly why the company has just held a conference to announce the “next dimension of Google Maps”. What’s the story? Read on to find out.  Read more

We knew it wouldn’t be very long. After an AT&T event seemed to reveal a Samsung Galaxy Note that had made the jump to Ice Cream Sandwich earlier this week, reports are flooding in that the official update has been rolled out by Samsung. Want your taste of Android 4.0? Read on for the details. Read more

You’ve got files on your phone and files on your computer, and increasingly the two are becoming equally capable of not only displaying these files, but allowing you to edit them. Problem is, it’s never that easy to send one to the other. In fact, it’s a right rigmarole sometimes. That’s where Ishac Bertran’s ingenious concept comes in. You wanna watch this: it’s the future of computing. Read more

Oh happy day! O2 customers with a Samsung Galaxy S2 can, as of right this very minute, get the Ice Cream Sandwich update officially – it’s all above board: no flashing of ROMs necessary. Read on for the details on how to upgrade. Read more

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