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Apple’s TV box has, over the past few years, transformed itself from novelty side-project to amazingly useful living room essential. A new software update has just rolled out to show the diminutive puck some new tricks, but is it the death knell for the oft-rumoured Apple TV set? Read more

The Nokia Lumia 800 now seems to be selling rather well, from what we can gather, but many not-so-happy owners have had a slew of battery complaints that Nokia’s on the warpath to fix. Now the second such battery fix has been given a rollout date. Read more


The Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone handset went on sale in the UK this week, enjoying life as the most pre-ordered Nokia device in history. Anyone who picked up the already sterling handset will now be pleased to hear that an update is coming soon from Nokia to improve the battery life.

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The Virgin Media TiVo box sat beneath your TV is about to get a little bit better. As of tonight, software updates will begin rolling out to all boxes to bring a slew of new features, support and bug fixes. Read on to find out just what they are.

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firefox_logoFirefox 3.5 was unleashed yesterday, but what’s new in Mozilla’s open-source app update? As well as being super-fast and super-secure Firefox 3.5 has a number of other features to make your web-surfing as smooth as possible. Find out what they are here…

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Trophies will be on the PS3 within daysDedicated PS3 owners have waited months for new in-game features from Sony, but now the console giant’s poised to deliver, with a software update for the all-powerful game machine due in just days.

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