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Aside from allowing users to inform an army of followers of their dietary movements and day to day movements, Twitter can occasionally be put to genuinely brilliant uses. When you’ve got over 150 million potential chums, there’s little you can’t do if your cause is a worthy one – like tracking down stolen Olympic medals. Question is, is Twitter’s power verging on the Orwellian? Read more

“This is Gary. He’s the new kid. He’s gonna just sit in the corner and do the Twitter stuff for us.” If that sounds at all familiar, we’ve got some news for you: your brand is about to be bombarded with invidious, hateful slander, and you’re all in serious danger. See, it turns out Gary is the most powerful person in your team. Gary could destroy you.

Please don’t let Gary destroy you; read this instead… Read more

Ever have trouble decided what to buy when you head out to the shops? Fashion’s a fickle mistress, and it’s hard to know what’s in and what’s most-definitely out. The solution? Ask Facebook’s 800 million users. That’s exactly what C&A is now doing in Brazil. The question: do you go with the majority, or strike out on your own? Read more

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Google+ has had a tough time of things. Built to try and leech some life away from Facebook, it’s never quite captured the mainstream masses’ attention in the same style. What’s worse, Facebook is now on a slow, steady mission to steal the only things that make Google’s social network different. Today it’s launched ‘Acquaintances’ – a simple tool that sorts the friendly wheat from the spammy chaff. Read more

Cadbury is a brand that’s really jumped on board with Google+. While most of the world’s big corporate names still reckon that Facebook’s the horse to back, the chocolatier has seen the potential in Google’s social rival… The potential to turn it into chocolate, that is. Read more

Zynga has made a bold decision. The company is re-designing its website in an effort to end its reliance on Facebook and set itself up as a standalone gaming platform. Is this the start of a tide-turning trend that could rock the social network? Read more

Facebook knows too much. The social network has just released Spotify listening figures for songs that help people ease into and crash out of relationships, based on streams around the point where relationship status’ change. Want to know the best breakup song? Read on… Read more

You know what it’s like: you’re trapped in a war zone and really need to update Twitter to tell the world what you had for lunch. Luckily, the micro-blogging site has just signed up with two satellite networks to allow tweeting from the most desolate areas on the planet. Read more

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