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People tend not to like change, but on occasion it’s necessary. A bit of a spruce up and a reshuffle is exactly what’s coming to LinkedIn’s profile pages, and it’s about to jazz up your professional online presence.

The roll-out is going to take us up to Christmas, but there’s work to be done now if you want to land on your feet… Read more

Facebook has lifted the lid on its previously-announced App Center in the US, kicking things off with 600 social apps all neatly stacked up to help you find more tools to connect you and your online activities with your friends. Or is it just adding noise to the noise? We want you to tell us. Read more

Facebook has just launched the Facebook App Center, an app vestibule to call its very own. It’s an investor-pleasing move, but will it actually be of any use to users? Isn’t Facebook Connect’s auto-posting more of an annoyance than anything? We’ve been pushing this opinion for a long time, but it seems we’re not alone: Orange agrees. Read more

How much information do you share with Facebook? Actually, forget that: why do you share it? Is it because people genuinely need to know this stuff, or is it because you like the attention? That’s a question we’re pondering about a new addition to your Facebook Timeline. Could your social networking actually save lives? Read more

Impressed by the Tupac hologram from the Coachella festival the other day? Wish you were there? Well, it’s a bit late now, but what if you could catch these sorts of things in HD from now on for a small price? That’s exactly what Facebook’s beginning to offer, and it could be bad news for Sky. Read more

The job market is an ever-evolving beast. What works one day probably won’t tomorrow, but if there’s one trend that seems to be sticking it’s this: the humble paper CV just doesn’t cut it any more. If you want to get noticed, you need to get noticed online.

Here’s how to get social to land your next job… Read more

Today, Facebook has launched over 60 new apps that are designed to bombard your shiny new Timeline with a constant jotting of your daily activities. It wants you to catalogue literally everything you do in life, ever, and give everything a star rating or a quantifiable digit.

But… Well… Why? It strikes me that this spread of incessant, boring information is exactly the sort of disease the social network has always tried to avoid… Read more

If you’re tired of endless LinkedIn emails you’re not alone. Dave Gorman of Googlewhack fame has also had enough, and taken drastic steps to get himself off the social network’s mailing list. Read more

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