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Facebook has rolled out a change to its brand pages, which is designed to merge geo-specific pages into one glorious whole. Where does that leave your current ‘UK’ suffixed page? Fret not, intrepid web person: Facebook’s got your back. Read more

You fool. You noticed the change from a Facebook fan page to a full on Facebook Timeline, but you’ve done nothing to capitalise on the secret abilities that’ve unfurled into your lap. For shame.

Still, we can turn all that around for you, like a kind of social media version of Arnie’s character in 1996’s smash hit action nonsense Eraser. Oh, and it won’t take long. Give yourself ten minutes to read this, and about half an hour to employ our tips, and your brand’s page will be a king among Timeline paupers. Or your money back. Read more

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Praise be! Facebook as seen fit to update it’s lackluster iPhone app, and it’s done so in fine style. For the first time in a long time, it doesn’t make you want to tear your eyes out. Time to get updating… Read more

Got a bundle of joy on the way? You’d best prepare for sleepless nights and a good 18-odd years without any disposable income. We jest; many congratulations! Now, if only there were a decent way to tell the world about it… Fret not: Facebook’s got your back. Read more

Facebook gets a bad rap sometimes. The social network’s headlines tend to veer on the negative, so it’s easy to forget some of the amazing stuff that it allows its users to do to change and document their lives.

If only there was a dedicated site to showcase those stories. Oh wait… Read more

Ever feel like everyone’s looking at you? Or talking about you behind your back? We’d say you’ve got a classic case of paranoia. You’ve three choices: get over it, seek medical help or – naturally – issue all your friends with a quick survey.

You’re not alone: it seems that Facebook’s getting a bit nervy, and has just opted for option three. Read more

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Facebook quietly rolled out a new feature that lets you find friends nearby, but if you blinked you would’ve missed it – it’s a goner already. Is Facebook is worried about privacy issues?

Read more

Yesterday Facebook launched Facebook Camera, a standalone app that finally addresses some of the crippling issues in uploading pictures to the world’s biggest social network via mobile. It smacks more than a little bit of the company’s recent purchase Instagram, but what’s really interesting are the ratings. Has Facebook actually made a good app? Read more

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