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You’re building a website and it’s all going swimmingly. Oh, bollocks: mobile. People need to read it on mobile devices. You’ve gone about this all wrong. You need to start at the bottom and work your way up. But you also need to remember that mobile users absorb content differently. But what do they want? Read on to find out… Read more

The Samsung Galaxy range isn’t quite big enough. You can always squeeze a new device in between two others, right? Right. To prove that point, allow us to present the Samsung Galaxy Reverb – a mid-range blower designed to lure in anyone who thinks that the Galaxy S3 might be a bit too showy. Read more

Another week, another iPhone 5 rumour. While recent whispers have concerned themselves with the launch date (August or September, apparently), today’s nugget of news is back to all things display size. Only this time it’s not the diagonal inches we’re talking about. Is the iPhone 5 set to be the thinnest slither of mobile tech this side of the original Motorola Razr? Read more

There’ve been plenty of rumours flying about that Samsung will launch the sequel to the runaway success that is the Galaxy Note at IFA 2012. Now the monster sized-handset has had a release date teased. The question is: will Samsung have had enough time to inject some Jelly Bean lovin’? Read more

Remember where you were on this day, for today is the day that the battle to provide the cheapest mobile tariff with unlimited data truly begins. Virgin has just unveiled its secret weapon: Virgin Premiere, and it should have Three rather worried… Read more

Touchscreens: they divide phone users. Some people are fine to thumb their way across glass, but others just can’t live in a world without physical buttons. The problem is, the latter sort often miss out on the best apps and experiences. Just ask a BlackBerry user.

Worry not: amazing new technology from Tactus Technology is coming to the rescue by building touchscreens that can reveal and hide physical buttons at will. Seriously. Read more

Apple iPhone 5 rumours circulate the web like children running about telling lies. How do you know when to believe one crying ‘wolf’ over all the others? Normally, when the Wall Street Journal runs it. That’s the case today, with the WSJ reporting on analyst and insider feedback that Apple may finally be about to buckle, and launch an iPhone with a 4-inch display.

Thing is, whilst Apple’s always maintained that the iPhone’s screen is the optimum size for a smartphone, the market’s changed so much as to prove it a pretty outdated notion. In that light, here’s why Apple could be about to buck a five year-old trend… Read more

Last week we were a little bit blown away by one killer feature on the new Galaxy S3. Pop-up Play, which lets you keep a small, moveable video player running over the top of other apps, is seriously impressive, but as it turns out, it’s not the only player in the mobile multi-tasking game.

We’ve scoured the web and come back with six amazing apps that let you truly unlock the potential of your smartphone or tablet. Whether it’s split-screen browsing, free-hanging video apps or full-on desktop solutions, here are the apps you need to multi-task like never before… Read more

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