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Microsoft’s biggest news week in years has just rounded off with word that it’s launched the SDK for its second screen companion platform, Xbox SmartGlass. What magic is the Beeb and its cohorts about to come up with? Read more

If the rumours are true and Microsoft’s special event in LA on Monday really is the launch of an ‘offcial’ Windows 8 tablet, what would we like to see? Listen to us, Microsoft. For we are the font of all knowledge! Here are five things we’re hoping for.

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Sony’s E3 was about new platforms and new IPs. Nintendo’s was about reliving the glory days of 2011, but Microsoft’s E3 2012 was different: it wasn’t really about the games. With once bitter rivals Sony and Microsoft leaving each other to their own devices in order to stave off having to launch a new console, the latter’s taken the time to expand its horizons.

Gaming’s changed, and for Microsoft that means not really bothering with the games any more. What’s the future of the Xbox? Well, it’s not really the Xbox… Read more

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