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Now that we’ve all made the jump from SD to HD, TV manufacturers are desparate to find ways to make us all upgrade again. 3D is one such tactic, but so is the Smart TV craze. Thing is, why bother when devices like the new Favi SmartStick lets you turn any HD TV into a fully-functioned Smart TV for under £60?  Read more

This weather’s a bit off, isn’t it? One minute it’s about a billion degrees, and then along comes a month’s worth of rain inside of half an hour. And it’s just that on repeat. Our advice? You’re best off indoors. If only you had a massive telly to keep you occupied… Read more

Sony, Sony, Sony. We like you. We want you to do well. We want all your recent financial troubles to disappear and for you to continue to make top quality tech. But sometimes you just don’t help yourself. This is the Sony Google TV NSZ-GS7 Network Media Player 7000-K Google Boxatron 2.0 thing. And it’s not going to beat the Apple TV box. Not by a long shot. Read more

Yesterday LG revealed that it’ll be bringing a new Google TV-enabled 3D set with it to CES 2012. The news marks round two for Google TV, having thus far struggled to make a name for itself in the Smart TV market. With lofty claims suggesting it’s now Google TV’s time to shine, how can it do enough to beat Apple’s upcoming offering? Read more

Samsung Smart TV is one of the key IPTV sets leading the way in terms of getting your humble glowbox online. But news from inside the Samsung camp suggests there’s about to be an addition that could change TV forever and ruin your wallet at the same time. Read more

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Seldom are “smart TVs” actually that smart, but Samsung‘s line up of net-connected tellies have just been given a big shot of IQ with the addition of a Blinkbox movie channel, bringing Apple TV-style streaming rentals to your gogglebox.

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You see lots of new gadgets and services at a tradeshow like IFA, which comes to a close on Wednesday, but it’s not always the shiniest ones that end up making a lasting impact on the world. Take for instance the stunning Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, which has already been yanked off the display stands courtesy of Apple’s lawyers.

Sometimes it’s a more subdued announcement that ends up being the most significant. And the new smart TV alliance from the likes of Philips and LG is just that.

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Panasonic launches new range of Smart Viera TVs, regular TVs run and hideWhat’s better than a Panasonic Viera TV? How about a Smart Viera. Today, the company unveiled its new line of Smart Viera TVs, complete with IPTV, Facebook, apps, games and Skype calls. At launch Panasonic will offer ABC’s iView and Plus 7 for catch-up services, but more are expected to follow. Could a Panasonic Smart Viera be your next TV?

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