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You’ve probably heard that the Covent Garden branch of Walkabout is showing the Champions League Final in 3D this Saturday (along with its floating panorama rig), without the need to wear glasses. It’s a UK first, but have you wondered how it works? Well we’ve got the full lowdown on what’s up.

[Update] Check out the video after the break.

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The Royal Wedding will be streamed online and its soundtrack will be shifted via iTunes but the Royal Wedding 3D broadcast that was being discussed? Sky just couldn’t get the deal done.

A new report from the New York Times reveals the lengths Sky 3D went to in an attempt to persuade the Royal Family about the merits of its tech.

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As well as 25 launch titles there’ll also be some one minute Aardman shorts, plus, and this is the big one, Sky 3D and Eurosport content. The Nintendo 3DS content from Sky will be short form, and is the first time that Sky has offered any of its content in glasses free 3D. Eurosport will also be bringing 3D sports coverage to the Nintendo 3DS. The Eurosport Nintendo 3DS link up is a two year deal that’ll also see Eurosport doing some heavy handed promotion for the Nintendo 3DS.

What would you most like to see on the 3DS? Click through and shout out in the comments!

Sky is showing Avatar 3D this Chrimbo, along with a whole raft of other 3D content, including Alice in Wonderland and Flying Monsters 3D. Are you an early adopter, who’s counting the days till Avatar 3D hits your small screen, or are you convnced that 3D is a fad that will pass? Click and tell us if you’ll be watching 3D TV this Christmas?

The icy weather continues to send a chill down our collective spines. Time to grab a warming bowl of soup from the stove (or, if you’re in the office, the manky microwave), kick back in your slippers and enjoy three of the morning’s finest tech news stories.

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How do you promote 3D TV? Sport? Not everyone’s into that. Films? Pick the wrong one and you’ll switch most people off. It’s a tricky task, but Sky might’ve cracked it with its eye-popping new advert for The Seven Wonders of The Solar System, filmed above London in the dead of night earlier this week. It’s recreated the solar system in 3D using gigantic floating planet balloons!

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It’s that time once again, where we herd up the opinions of our writers. With a number of reviews hitting Electricpig this week we’ve got thoughts on a number of new gadgets. Check them out in an easily digestible form right here.

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The new Apple TV is on sale in the UK, so it's about time we got testing it. But in the meantime check out our photos of it.

During one of our busier weeks we’ve got hands on with plenty of new gadgets. And here’s the photo evidence to prove it, in this week’s Tech Week in Photos. New Apple TV, Sky 3D and the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever are among the photo featured this week.

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