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With S-Voice, Siri and Google Now, it’s pretty apparent that voice recognition tech will play a larger and larger part in the way we use our mobiles. However, there is one problem facing these systems: they’re not quite clever or active enough. Yet. Here’s how that could be about to change… Read more

This is pretty unexpected news. When Google unveiled Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), by far the most impressive feature was the new Siri-aping Google Voice Search. Google’s blazing fast, tailored results are mighty impressive, so we never thought the company would end up bringing the tech to the iPhone. Well you know what? We stand corrected. Read more

Siri’s impressive and all that, but we’re almost a year down the line and the voice assistant still isn’t doing half of the jobs we’d quite like it to. If you’re sick of waiting for Apple to pull its finger out, you could break in and supercharge Siri yourself. A new app for the jailbroken out there looks to do just that, giving the voice assistant a real shot in the arm. Read more

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Martin Scorsese has popped up in an advert for Apple’s Siri personal assistant. He joins the esteemed company of Samuel L. Jackson, Zooey Deschanel and John Malkovich in promoting Apple’s voice-activated digital butler. But they’re not the only big names signing up to promote tech products, as we showed last year.

So who else has been at it lately? We’ve rebooted the franchise of celebrity tech endorsements, so let’s take a look.

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The Oscar-winning director is the latest star to appear in an advert for Apple’s Siri personal assistant. The ad sees him in the back of a taxi, firing a barrage of questions at Siri.

The one we can’t believe he missed: You talkin’ to me?

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Google was keen to big up the revamped search abilities in Jelly Bean, claiming to have redesigned the function from the ground up. With one eye on Siri, it’s vastly improved its Voice Search, making it quicker and more accurate, with the might of the Google search engine behind it.

If you’re in any doubt, here’s why it’s more than a match for Apple’s voice-activated assistant.

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Next week is a big week in the mobile space. Google will kick off its annual I/O developer conference, but not before Apple’s had its chance to wow the world with a show of its own: WWDC.

WWDC 2012 kicks off on Monday, with most believing that Apple will take the chance to show iOS 6 off to its developer collective. We’ve already been through what we want Apple to unveil, but there are a few extra loose ends, that have either been promised or hinted at, that Apple really needs to address. These are as follows… Read more

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I’ve been testing the Samsung Galaxy S3 out this week, in time for its much-hyped launch. It’s everything you could hope for in a new phone-that’s-not-an-iPhone. Almost. It’s big, it’s bad, it’s stupid fast.

But although nearly every reviewer has come out with the same 4-4/5 score for the Samsung Galaxy S3, there’s something very important most have overlooked about S-Voice, Samsung’s riff on Siri.

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