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There’s an Android malware scare afoot. Researcher Terry Zink has claimed that a botnet is operating out of infected Android handsets and firing out spam in all directions. Google’s refuted it, but has mobile security expert Lookout found the cause? Read more

In Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Android introduced face unlock, a feature that let you gain access to your phone merely by showing it your beaming visage. Thing is, it can be tricked by a photo. Fail. It’s not all bad news for Android, though: it turns out that Android’s original pattern-based security tool is hack-proof. Read more

Samsung has signed a deal with Norton to provide Samsung Galaxy phones with 90 days of free Android security, replete with several features designed to allow users to remotely track down missing or stolen phones, a la Apple’s Find My iPhone feature, as well as malware protection. Is Samsung acknowledging Android’s inherent weaknesses? Read more

Security was one of three major benefits flagged up by Google when it first announced) Chrome OS (alongside speed and spimplicity), so it’s not surprising that security researchers have been putting it through its paces.

Now a few months after the first Chromebook was released, a pair of hack happy academics have demonstrated how to crack open Chrome OS security onstage at the Black Hat conference. Read on for details on what on what they showed and what Google had to say about it…

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Symantec seems intent on stoking up a flame war with a new 23-page report comparing the security measures in iOS and Android. Apple came out top in most categories but there’s not an entirely rosey picture for either OS with malware developers setting their sights on mobile.

To complicate matters, the report reveals that iOS contains many more vulnerabilities than Android despite having suffered no known malware attacks. It seems the main strength of iPhone security is the level of curation it applies to the iTunes App Store…

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Norton: Android security threats just beginningThe threat to our mobile existence, or at least in the case of Android, is on the rise. At least according to a report from Norton, makers of Norton Anti-virus.

The company believes Android is an attractive target because of the following pre-requisites: “it’s open, ubiquitous and monetizable”. The Android malware threat will be experienced in several ways: premium billing rates, spyware, search engine poisoning, adware and pay-per installs.

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Play.com has revealed that it has suffered an email breach in an email sent out to customers late last night. The breach was not through Play.com itself but via an unnamed marketing communications company which exposed customers names and email addresses…

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How to fix…airports

We’re told all the time that we’re living in a digital age and yet we’re surrounded by out of date, clunky systems. In a new series, Electricpig will be looking at the worst offenders to our digital sensibilities. First up: airports.

How often have you lost your ticket; been without Wi-fi and charging points while you wait for your delayed flight; hauled your luggage off and on three shuttle buses just to get to the check-in desk, and then been faced with in flight entertainment screens that look like they’re borrowed from the Short Circuit set? The answer? Too often. Read on for what we’d do to fix airports.

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