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GTA V, the next big installment in the longstanding stalwart of the crime gaming genre, has had a rough release date and a solid pre-order date slampped upon its rear, along with a tiny smattering of new info. It seems Rockstar wants to continue its reign as gaming’s most teasing force…  Read more

Apple likes to keep things schtum. When you walk into an Apple Store to buy your brand new iProduct, chances are it didn’t officially exist the day or the week before. This is unusual in the tech world, and that’s probably because it’s pretty bloody hard to keep these things under wraps. Still, Apple tries all the same, because the buzz that a secret generates is impossible to recreate when a launch is long and drawn out.

And, more importantly, you love it. The secrecy game twiddles with your brain bits in such a way as to get you out of bed and into line outside the store when you might otherwise not. The question is: is it all worth the effort? Read more

Oh god. Everything’s piling up. Too many emails. Your ears have started bleeding. Something smells sweaty and you think it might be you.

If one or more of the above ring true, then you’re not using the web properly. And you should maybe see a doctor. Seriously, though: life doesn’t have to be as difficult as you’re making it out to be. In fact, it can be dramatically easier if you set the right tools loose on your workload. Here’s how to put the web to work for you. Read more

Apple fans, get ready to be wowed. It’s been less than a year since the hotly-anticipated iPhone 4S hit the shelves, but according to reports the rumoured iPhone 5 is already in the final stages of testing. In fact, according to the latest news, the next iteration of the world’s most innovative line of smartphones could be unveiled at a keynote speech on 7th August and be on shelves early as mid-September.

The question on everybody’s lips in the run-up to the autumn launch is: what can we expect from Apple’s newest offering? There are plenty of rumours flying around, but which are true and which are simply the product of wishful thinking from tech heads? Read more

Next week is a big week in the mobile space. Google will kick off its annual I/O developer conference, but not before Apple’s had its chance to wow the world with a show of its own: WWDC.

WWDC 2012 kicks off on Monday, with most believing that Apple will take the chance to show iOS 6 off to its developer collective. We’ve already been through what we want Apple to unveil, but there are a few extra loose ends, that have either been promised or hinted at, that Apple really needs to address. These are as follows… Read more

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As we crawl on towards E3 in June, more and more rumours are beginning to emerge regarding the supposed announcement of the Sony Playstation 4. Whether it drops this year or next, a new PS4 rumour from Forbes has revealed that it might take advantage of some insider Microsoft knowledge. Read more


Back in 1997, when HTC was a design and manufacturing outfit, it launched what was then a unique product: a PDA. Less than two years later, with the company requiring a large injection of cash, it was clear the product was ahead of its time. As co-founder Cher Wang (daughter of the second richest man in Taiwan) later observed: ‘The market just wasn’t ready for a PDA phone that behaved like a minicomputer’.

Yet just last week, HTC announced some extraordinary news. Record profits for the first three months of the year had hit £313m, triple that of the same period last year – and in terms of market value, it had overtaken Nokia. It seems HTC hasn’t just captured your imagination – it’s captured your wallet, too.

Read on to reveal the secrets behind its success!

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Modern Warfare 2 has a number of hidden multi-player modes and clever hackers have revealed the most exciting of them on video. Read on for a glimpse at Modern Warfare’s Global Thermonuclear War mode…

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