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The state of Nevada has cleared the likes of Google’s self-driving cars to use its roads according to the BBC. It’s America’s first self-driven vehicle licence, and Google will be leading the charge with a modified Toyota Prius. But is this a smart move? Or an accident waiting to happen?

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Driving while fiddling with tech is a dangerous combination. Unless you’re James Bond, of course. Luckily, TomTom’s just made it infinitely easier to change your destination or escape the traffic without taking your eyes off the road. How? By stuffing its own version of Siri’s voice recognition tech into your car. Read more

Like the look of Nokia Drive for Windows Phone but have the letters ‘H’, ‘T’ and ‘C’ scrawled across your phone? We’ve got some good news for you: HTC has just seriously specced up its pre-installed HTC Locations app for Windows Phone, bringing offline satnav guidance for absolutely nothing. Read on for the full details. Read more

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Bosch has decided it wants some of the juicy mobile satnav pie. Today, the company has launched a competitively-priced 3D iPhone satnav app with a raft of top-drawer features, including one that acts as your personal rally driving navigator. Read more

Navfree, the gratis GPS mapping service for iPhone, has now arrived on Android. The app brings turn-by-turn guidance for Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, India, South Africa and Latin America. We know what you’re thinking: Android already has turn-by-turn sat nav guidance in the form of Google Maps Navigation. Luckily, Navfree has an extra trick up its sleeve. Read more

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What does a company do when Google simply announcing a free service causes its share price to plummet by twenty percent? If you’re TomTom, you take a leaf out of Don Draper’s book and try to change the conversation: ignore the looming mobile elephant in the room and try to sell satnavs by making traffic “sexy” instead. Will it work?

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The Mio Navman 687 satnav marks an interesting turn for the satnav maker. It’s one of the first models to license IQ Routes technology, which roadsters may recognise as a TomTom technology, born and bred. Is it enough to outclass its competitor? And what about those pesky satnav apps on mobiles? Curious, we took it for a spin: read on to find out what we made of it in our Mio Navman 687 review.

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HTC is at the top of the heap when it comes to making some of the best Android phones going and it looks like its teeing up to take its tech smarts to the world of cars. An HTC job vacancy has popped up on the company’s website seeking an “automotive business development director” to work in its North American operation…

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