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Does the amount of cash you pump into the potential void that is research and development correlate to how innovative you are as a company? Nope. Well, not if a new report is to be believed, at least. Question is, is there anything Google and the like can do to catch Apple? Read more

Want to see how to put so much spin on a court-ordered apology that it might actually affect global tides? Read on for a bamboozling display of word trickery from Apple… Read more

When Samsung first started taking the world of the 5-inch handset seriously, we balked. But then the Galaxy Note (and now the Galaxy Note 2) sold well enough to garner everyone’s attention, and now both Sony and HTC are readying their own versions. The J Butterfly is HTC’s answer, and it’s a little bit good. Read more

Ready your purchase nerves for a bit of an onslaught. Far be it from us to jump on the ‘Christmas is just around the corner’ bandwagon when we haven’t even had Halloween yet, but… Well, it sort of is just around the corner. And the world’s biggest companies are lining up to attack your senses with ads. $5 (£3.1) billion’s worth. Read more

Step right up for the most uninspiring slab of Android hardware released for some time. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is so dull, in fact, that we can’t really be bothered to type about it properlrk jbg er5tu bbfejuf ufej rgoe… Something, something, prices. Read more

Eyeing up that enormous, rather pretty Samsung Galaxy Note 2? If you’ve got saintly patience, maybe you should hang on for Sony’s version? Specs for Sony’s own 5-inch monster, the Sony Odin, have just spilled online. And it sounds awfully good. Read more

Samsung may be embroiled in legal wrangles with Apple, but they haven’t dented its profits. Not yet, anyway.

Samsung reckons it’ll post a third-quarter operating profit of $7.3 billion (£4.5bn). That’s up a whopping 90 percent on the same time last year. Crazy.

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Google is about to launch a 32GB version of its Nexus 7 Android tablet, according to a leak from the Carphone Warehouse database. At the moment the tablet is only available in 8GB or 16GB versions, so a 32GB model could well give the much-rumoured iPad Mini a run for its money.

Not only that, a Galaxy Nexus 2 could also be on the cards. What a morning.

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