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Apple tends to update its iPods around September every year, and this year probably won’t be any different. What will be different, though, is the nano. According to sources close to Apple’s manufacturing chain, the iPod nano is set to shed its square design and go back to the way things were… Read more

The iPhone 5. It’s coming, and there’s precious little you can do about it. Not that you’d probably want to of course. Unless you’re very, very anti-Apple, that is. Either way, as with any upcoming Apple launch, there are rumours, leaks and renders aplenty.

Do you wish someone would sort through them all and figure out what’s the most likely crop of features? Alright then, no worries: let’s get cracking. This is the ultimate iPhone 5 rumour roundup. Read more

UPDATE: Another pic. This is looking fairly legit, now…

If you’re not in the camp that’s currently wetting itself with joy about today’s Samsung Galaxy S3 launch, there’s every chance you’re desperately hanging on for fresh info on the iPhone 5. Apple’s remaining typically tight-lipped until its official launch, but has the handset’s backplate just spilled online? And has it spilled Apple’s colourful plans in the process? Read more

It’s nearly June, which to the tech-minded means only one thing. Nope: not an iPhone launch – they happen later in the year these days. We’re talking E3, the biggest gaming expo of the year, which is taking place June 7th-9th. But, whilst everyone’s rattling on about some rather woolly rumours regarding the Xbox 720 and PS4, we’re keeping our feet on the ground with the more likely announcements.

Want to know what to actually expect to fall out of the gargantuan LA convention centre? Read on for our pick of the best in upcoming gaming tech… Read more

This morning we showed you a glimpse of what the iPhone 5 could look like, as imagined by Italian designer Antonio De Rosa. While it’s certainly an interesting mockup, it’s unlikely to be too close to the one picked out by Apple. But that doesn’t really matter: in the time between now and then we’ve heard word that Apple is testing a couple of different handsets.

What’s the story? Read on beyond the jump for the secret details. Read more

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If you’re resolute in your anti-Android stance, you’re probably not all that bothered by what Samsung had to show off last night. While there’s some amazing technology on show in the Galaxy S3, it won’t be a patch on the iPhone 5, right? No one outside Apple knows for sure, but if it looks like this – and with these specs – it should be golden… Read more

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As with most Rockstar games, GTA V details are the subject of some real secrecy. While we’ve not managed to squeeze much blood out of the official Rockstar stone, an anonymous source has just spilled the beans in a big way. What can we expect from the next in the series? Read on to find out. Read more

We’ve all been crowding around our RSS feeds for the past few months trying to eke out drops of information about the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but if newly leaked specs are anything to go by, we needn’t have worried. Samsung’s about to knock it out of the park. Read more

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