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GTA V, the next big installment in the longstanding stalwart of the crime gaming genre, has had a rough release date and a solid pre-order date slampped upon its rear, along with a tiny smattering of new info. It seems Rockstar wants to continue its reign as gaming’s most teasing force…  Read more

‘iPhone 5′ is the phrase on the tip of every Apple fan’s tongue right now. Like that moment just before a deluge of rain crashes down, there’s a feeling in everyone’s bones that the handset’s launch is fast approaching. Question is, has US network AT&T just let slip something approaching a concrete iPhone 5 release date? Read more

Despite being monolithic in size, the Samsung Galaxy Note has been a runaway success, selling in excess of 10 million units and burdening the pockets of Android lovers the world over. But it’s getting a bit long in the tooth now, and it’s time for a sequel. The good news? We know exactly when to expect it. Read more

Last year, Apple threw us all for a loop. Every year since 2007, the Cupertino company had updated the iPhone in June. We all spent summer 2011 eagerly refreshing our inboxes, waiting for an event invite that didn’t come until October. Now, we don’t know what to expect this year, but rumour emanating from the supply chain says the iPhone 5 can’t possibly launch any earlier than October. What’s going on? Read more

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Remember the days when games journalists everywhere revelled in beating the Duke Nukem Forever horse into pulpy matter when looking for an analogy about something being overdue? That actually came out, so now it’s probably best to hand the analogy baton to Diablo 3. Or is it? After years of waiting, it actually has a release date. Read more

Google TV is UK bound, launching within ‘next six months’According to the Telegraph and Mail, Google is planning the unthinkable. After a soft launch in the US over nine months ago, the search giant is finally releasing its set top box in the UK. That’s right, Google TV hits the UK within the next six months. A formal announcement by head honcho, Mr. Eric Schmidt, is expected at the Edinburgh Television Festival later today.

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Gears of War 3 reaches gold, watch the cinematic trailer now!Warning PlayStation owners, the next two minutes and thirty seconds could be life changing. Epic Games has released the first cinematic trailer for the highly anticipated Xbox 360 blockbuster, Gears of War 3. Prepare yourself to wage war against the Lambent.

After racking in over a million pre-orders, expectations for Gears of War 3 are off the charts. The final installment adds a new four player co-op mode alongside a fully controllable mech suit called “Silverback”. What mech would be complete without a machine gun and rocket launcher?

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Nokia N9 release date: t-minus 49 days and countingNokia Sweden has launched a timer which counts down to the impending release of the Nokia N9. In just 49 days, Sweden will become the first country to land the 3.9-inch FWVGA resolution all touchscreen MeeGo smartphone. Undoubtedly a sign that launches will follow shortly in the more than 23 additional countries.

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