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A few weeks ago, we reported that YouTube’s spending big on trying to invade your living room. New content and exclusives from existing TV channels are on their way, so isn’t it time the world’s biggest video hosting site spruced itself up for the big screen? Google thinks so, if this sneak-peak of a new redesign is anything to go on… Read more

People tend not to like change, but on occasion it’s necessary. A bit of a spruce up and a reshuffle is exactly what’s coming to LinkedIn’s profile pages, and it’s about to jazz up your professional online presence.

The roll-out is going to take us up to Christmas, but there’s work to be done now if you want to land on your feet… Read more

Apple tends to update its iPods around September every year, and this year probably won’t be any different. What will be different, though, is the nano. According to sources close to Apple’s manufacturing chain, the iPod nano is set to shed its square design and go back to the way things were… Read more

No, Samsung. Just… No. Not fair. What you’re looking at on the right here is reportedly the version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that will be launched in its native South Korea. Notice the huge differences in design? Notice that it looks a lot better? Yeah, us too. So just what’s going on? Read more

Google has just made an official blog post detailing a pretty massive design change for Google+. The social network is about to shift to a far more beautiful, refined and customisable setup. Is this all in retaliation to the Facebook/Instagram deal? Read more


Check this out. Pocketnow has stumbled across a set of Nokia designs that show what the Lumia 800 could have looked like. Design genius ahead of its time or a serious case of fixing what ain’t broke? Read on for the details and all the pics. Read more


Vimeo, the video hosting and sharing site that acts as a sort of thinking-man’s YouTube, has begun closed tests of a complete site redesign and a bunch of new features. Wanna get involved? Read on to find out how. Read more


YouTube redesign, you say? It’s true. The video-hosting website has undergone a major facelift that it’s currently trialling among developers. If you want to experience the clean new look yourself, all you need do is follow our simple instructions. Read more

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