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People are all too wary of product placement now. Audiences will knowingly roll their eyes at Bond knocking back a neither-shaken-nor-stirred Heineken because they’ve seen it all before. So are there any ways to do it that aren’t offensive? The last remaining safe place for product placement and sponsorship seems to be reality TV; people who watch that sort of thing care less about what you stuff down their faces than the audience for a hollywood movie. Just look at Samsung’s X Factor invasion.

And that’s probably why Microsoft’s now exploring that avenue for the launch of racing game Forza Horizon – which is as much the star of a new online reality TV show as the people in it. Will it push the envelope to tearing point? Read more

Frog Design, the firm which worked with Apple on its Snow White design language and the original Macintosh computers, has released…a Twitter iPhone app to help you watch TV. More accurately, the app lets you follow tweets on a particular programme and respond at the same time.

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Guitar Hero World Tour could be going on a real concert tour, according to Bobby Kotick, CEO of Guitar Hero’s publisher Activision Blizzard. Weirder still, the Guitar Hero series may also be getting a spin-off reality TV show, according to comments from Kotick.

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