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PS Vita is the NGP, just ask Sony!Uncertainty over the official name for Sony’s NGP looks to be settling. In the latest twist of events, evidence has surfaced in the HTML code on Sony’s E3 teaser page which explicitly mentions the PS Vita. We’ve heard the NGP referred to as the PS Vita once before, but this time it comes straight from Sony — the NGP is the PS Vita and here’s why.

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Now that the weekend has arrived, it’s time to forget about spreadsheets and time to sit back and catch-up on the best tech news you may have missed this week. It’s been an exciting seven days in which the new PSP was unveiled, we got a closer look at the PSP phone, Intel signed Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am and much more.

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Yesterday the PSP 2 broke cover, and there was a massive leak of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. We asked you, after getting a close p of both these devices, which one came top of your wish list: the PSP 2 or the Xperia Play.

The PSP 2 blew the Xperia Play out of the water, with 49% of the vote, and the Xperia Play only managed to snag 13% of the vote. 29% of you didn’t want either of the new consoles, and 9% were hankering after both.

Is the PSP 2 too big?

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Yesterday we made a nifty chart showing the size of the PSP 2 in relation to other handheld gaming consoles like the Nintedo DSi XL, the original PSP and the iPhone 4 too. What it showed is that the PSP 2 is a whopper, but is it too big? One commenter pointed out that in childhoods far away in the 80s, handhelds were much bigger than the PSP 2, and as a ten year old, he still managed fine. What do you think? Is the PSP 2 too hefty, or are we too used to having super compact devices? Click and tell!

Sony PSP 2 to run Windows 8?

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Sony PSP 2 to run Windows 8?Earlier today Sony unveiled PSP 2 next generation portable (NGP), now we’re hearing word that it might be able to run Windows 8. According to winrumors.com, the Arm processor used in the PSP 2 is compatible with an early build of Windows 8 which Microsoft demonstrated at CES 2011.

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US Update: Samsung Smart TV, PSP 2, HTC Facebook phonesWe’ve got an action packed morning in tech news today, ready to get you through that mid-week crisis. In today’s US Update, we cover the IPTV capabilities of Samsung Smart TVs, look at LG’s Android plans for 2011, dish the latest scoop on the PSP 2 and more.

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The Sony PSP 2 will be the biggest handheld gaming console available when it launches late this year. It’s even bigger than the whopper that is the Nintendo DSi XL, and towers like a Goliath over the iPhone 4. Click through for the full size image, and take a closer peek at how the Sony PSP 2 stacks up next to its competitors.

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Today we’ve seen a giant leak of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, which we’re expecting to see at MWC 2011 in a couple of weeks, and also had the official snaps and lowdown on the PSP 2. But which one tickles your fancy? Click and tell!

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