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For all the dross that finds its way onto Kickstarter, it occasionally plays host to a proper gem of a project. The sequel to the iControlPad mobile gaming add-on is one such stroke of genius, and it’s just smashed its target. This is good news. Read more

After emerging as the latest in a long line of stunning Kickstarter success stories, the Android-powered OUYA console has just ended its designated round of funding. And it’s been pretty successful. But with some 63,000 backers now awaiting the console’s launch, can it live up to the hype? Read more

Got a plot to take over the world? Don’t we all… Thing is, you need the machinery to do it with. If you can’t quite get the funds together to build yourself a secret volcano rocket base, you’d better start small: how about a menacing-looking robotic arm to do your bidding? Read more

Sorry. We know we’ve only just posted about an Apple patent, but this is too big to miss: famed industrial designer Philippe Starck has leaked information that he’s tied up with Apple and Sir Jonathan Ive for a “Revolutionary” new product. We hope it’s not another mouse…

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Yes, yes, we know: Kickstarter’s getting a lot of press coverage these days. A bit too much, if anything. But we promise only to bring you news of projects that seem genuinely worth your cash. Remember Tim Schafer’s adventure game project? Someone else is getting in on the crowd-sourced game-funding now. And let us tell you: you need this game in your life. Read more

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Remember Richard Branson’s Project magazine? The one we haven’t heard much more than a peep out of since its launch? Well, if you were put off because you had to pay, you might want to take another look at Project. The debut had some technical problems, but the interactive Jeff Bridges cover looked slick, and now, thanks to a whopping great big sponsorship deal from American Express, Project magazine will be free for all, for the forseeable future.

Could this have something to so with the Apple subscription model? Branson’s sponsorship deal means that because he can give away Project magazine for free, he doesn’t have to give Apple its 30% cut.

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Let’s face it: iPad subscriptions are the holy grail for magazine publishers hoping to make beaucoup bucks from iPad publications like Project and News Corp’s iPad newspaper, The Daily. Now there’s another good sign that the function will arrive before Christmas. The Guardian has released a statement saying it will kill the current Guardian app and replace it with a subscription based app. Meanwhile US Guardian readers will get an ad-supported app. The Guardian iPad app will emerge before Christmas and the timing fits with an Apple event this month. We are now watching our virtual postbox for that Apple invite…

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Yesterday we asked you whether you would be subscribing to Murdoch’s iPad only newspaper, The Daily, or Richard Branson’s iPad only magazine, Project, which launched this week. Just over two thirds of you said you would not be subscribing to The Daily or Project, 68 per cent of you to be precise.

24 per cent cared about quality, and said that whether you subscribed to either iPad-only publication would depend on the quality of the journalism and how it was packaged. Eight per cent of you said that you would definitely be subscribing, and that publications like The Daily and Project magazine were exactly the sort of publications the iPad needed.

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