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How much information do you share with Facebook? Actually, forget that: why do you share it? Is it because people genuinely need to know this stuff, or is it because you like the attention? That’s a question we’re pondering about a new addition to your Facebook Timeline. Could your social networking actually save lives? Read more

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LinkedIn has a feature which allows you to see who has been looking at your profile, and until now, that feature has only showed you the rough location and the area of work that person was in. Now however, LinkedIn will be adding extra stalker potential to its pages, by telling you the name of the person that’s been sneaking a peek at your professional life (if you’re one of the people who bothers to keep their LinkedIn profile up to date that is). Flood Lite, quite appropriately, asks us to imagine what would happen if we could see this sort of information on Facebook…

Do you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, or is it gathering dust?

[via Flood Lite]

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