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Facebook quietly rolled out a new feature that lets you find friends nearby, but if you blinked you would’ve missed it – it’s a goner already. Is Facebook is worried about privacy issues?

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Ever get off the phone with someone and instantly forget what was said? New technology from pioneering company Call Trunk may just be the answer you’re looking for. We’ve been chatting with the people behind the service about the future of voice recognition, call recording, Siri and telephone privacy. If you enjoy the odd natter, and think it’s good to talk, you need to read this… Read more

Google is evil. That’s the thrust of a bunch of articles whizzing around the web. But has the biggest name in tech got a newly mean streak, or is the bloggosphere missing the point? Gizmodo claims Google’s relegation of search in favour of its other business properties could mark its downfall.

Ex-Googler James Whittaker says the Big G just isn’t the same since it became obsessed with Social. But for all the Google-bashing, there’s something they’re missing… Read more

Those Google Buzz privacy concerns were a pretty big deal when Google first rolled out the Twitter-esque social layer for Gmail. Inevitably, litigious Americans got together to launch a class action lawsuit in the hope of chipping off a big of cash from Google’s iceberg of money. And, you know, what: they’ve kind of succeeded. Google has just paid out $8.5m to settle the Google Buzz privacy class action lawsuit. However, that money is headed for privacy organisations and not the users with their hands outstretched for cash…
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Thank the Zuckerberg! Facebook Photos has finally stopped showing you pictures of your ex like a sadistic virtual friend. Until recently, the Facebook Photo Memories box had a tendency to throw up pictures of ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends with unpleasant regularity. Facebook’s algorithm picks photos to slap in the Facebook Photo Memories box by figuring out whose updates you’re most interested in but that can be a double-edged sword…

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Another week, another Facebook privacy brouhaha. This time it’s Facebook apps under fire and particularly our old friend Farmville. An investigation by the Wall Street Journal says Facebook apps are spilling Facebook ID information out into the world and making it simple for advertisers and firms to grab your info and sell it. Oh dear…
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LinkedIn has a feature which allows you to see who has been looking at your profile, and until now, that feature has only showed you the rough location and the area of work that person was in. Now however, LinkedIn will be adding extra stalker potential to its pages, by telling you the name of the person that’s been sneaking a peek at your professional life (if you’re one of the people who bothers to keep their LinkedIn profile up to date that is). Flood Lite, quite appropriately, asks us to imagine what would happen if we could see this sort of information on Facebook…

Do you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date, or is it gathering dust?

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Ahead of this afternoon’s Facebook announcement comes a serious claim about how, surprise surprise, Facebook deals with our data. First, The Guardian pointed out that the Facebook iPhone app uploads personal phone numbers without asking if you’re  using earlier versions of the Facebook iPhone app – the current version gives you a slightly confused warning. Then, we followed the trail to the Apple App Store guidelines, which have caused many an app to be rejected for not dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, and found that Facebook could have breached the guidelines on at least two counts.

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