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The best iPhone apps library is stuffed with Twitter apps but one new entrant is streaking ahead. We’ve recommended Smartr before but it’s had such a lot of new features added to it that it deserves another look.

The Smartr app earns its place as one of our best iPhone apps with clever features like removing Foursquare check-ins from your timeline, formating articles from links to make them more readable and full support for Instapaper and ReadItLater as well as the ability to share and publish articles via Posterous, Tumblr and Facebook. Click through to see Smartr in action…

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Best iPhone apps of the week

The last best iPhone apps of the week was rather heavy on serious, productive apps but we in App Review Towers like to do fun too, honest. This week’s Best iPhone apps is almost entirely about games, with augmented reality Star Wars, id Software pushing iPhone graphics to the limits and the most eccentric Japanese game we have seen in ages. Head through for the Best iPhone apps game fest, plus Peep Show gets appy and Posterous makes us return to the craft of enjoyably super-speedy blogging…
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