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You know the app icon for Instagram? You know that it’s loosely based on the original Polaroid 1000, right? If you were Polaroid, you’d probably be a little bit annoyed that the most successful camera app in the world is using your retro-cool aesthetic to its own ends. And you’d want to fight back. That’s where the Polaroid Z2300 comes in. It’s like Instagram, only in real life. Read more

Polaroid has bucked the CES 2012 trend by showing something genuinely new and innovative: the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera, which could be the connected device the compact camera market needs to survive. Read more

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Polaroid GL10 pairs with smartphones for the ultimate instant mobile printing solutionTired of having to move your photos from your smartphone to your computer for printing? Look no further than the Polaroid GL10 instant mobile printer, a wonderful new creation brought to you by Polaroid and Lady Gaga, Polaroid’s Creative Director. Thanks to built-in Bluetooth technology, the GL10 can be paired with many popular smartphones for printing on the go.

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Polaroid Z340 brings classic Polaroid prints to the digital ageEvery so often the worlds of classic technology meet the present in a beautiful symphony, the Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera is one such product. By bringing together the power of a digital camera with the classic Polaroid instant printing experience, the Z340 can snap, print and share instantly. Here’s what you need to know:

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Irritated by some-time Polaroid Creative Director, Beats headphones hawker and full time pop provacateur Lady Gaga and annoyed by Farmville? Now you can combine your irritation in one handy package…

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We told you about the return of the Commodore 64 with new modernised insides way back in August 2010 but now that Windows 7 packing, 1TB rocking resurrection, the Commodore 64x, has finally broken cover properly with a price and estimated release date to feast one.

We’ve got all the specs for the Commodore 64x after the break plus our 5 favourite gadget resurrections from Big Trak to the Fiat 500. Read on and hit the comments to tell us what gadgets of yore you’d like to see revived…

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Right now, Instagram is a phenomenon on iPhone but now a new service, Instaprint, is using the Instagram API to turn snaps from the app into physical Polaroid-style photos.

Instaprint uses a modified Polaroid Zink photo printer to spit out photos tagged with a particular hashtag. The company is planning to rent Instaprint boxes to events and will be demoing the service during SXSWi if you happen to be hanging out in Austin Texas. It’s a seriously cool way to make photos that usually only exist in the cloud real. Hit the link below to see it in action.

Out now | £TBC | Instaprint


Britney Spears has clearly decided to hold Sony close in her latest promo. The Hold It Against Me video is absolutely stuffed with Sony promotion. Besides the usual Britney tropes of her in her pants and an army of male dancers gyrating around her there’s Sony TVs galore and even brief flashes of Sony’s logo that seem like slackly done subliminal messages. Lady Gaga packed her Telephone video with ads for tech brands but Britney takes it even further. Check out the video after the break…

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